What size is your laundry room sink?

okpokesfanApril 18, 2013

I am trying to decide a size for mine. If I leave the configuration as is, I can have up to an 19" wide (inside of sink dimensions) sink. However, if I widen my sink base, I can have up to a 30". This would mean losing two small drawer bases on either side of the sink. I've never had a laundry sink so don't know if I really "need" the bigger size. I'm thinking I would rather have the drawers but thought I would get input. Thank you!

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By the way, location of the sink cannot be changed since rough=in plumbing is done. CAbinets haven't been ordered so I can change them.

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okspokesfan-- Our undermount D-sink in the laundry is 23-5/8" X 20-7/8" outside & 21-1/2" X 18-7/8" inside basin. Will yours be going in a corner or on a straight run? If on a straight run, with a D-sink, you will likely need to offset the faucet as the sink is so deep that there isn't enough room for the faucet to sit on the counter behind it. My DM has this setup in her laundry room & it works just fine.

Sizewise, I think it's perfect for a laundry room--enough room to handwash when needed, rinse out especially dirty items that DH, the kids, dog or cat get into, and works out great for giving the cat a bath. I did use the small side of my kitchen sink that measures 14x16 interior basin space to hand wash a shirt this morning (DS was taking care of his laundry and I couldn't get to the sink & I needed the shirt in a hurry). It felt a little tight, but it was doable. I'm pretty sure it would be very difficult to bathe the cat in a sink that small, though.

The bigger sink is wonderful to have, but yes, you could use a smaller one and it work just fine for you--just depends on what you plan to use it for. How wide is the existing base cabinet you plan to put the sink in?

Just an FYI--your email link is not activated on GW which means you can email others whose link is active, but they can't email you back at all or send you a spontaneous email. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: mydreamhome's D-Sink

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Thanks mydreamhome! I will activiate my email link--I had no idea that is wasn't actually.

Right now my sink base is 22", which means the largest sink I can fit in there is a 20". That may be big enough. I think I would rather keep the drawer banks than have the larger sink. We have a dog but normally bathe him in the tub.'

I mainly plan to use it to wash out paintbrushes/other "dirty work" like that, soak clothing with stains, etc.

My sink will be in a straight run and I was thinking of a square or rectangular shape sink.

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I never had a sink in my laundry space until we bought our current house, 18 years ago. It is nice to have even if it is only 14" wide. Not enough room to put in a larger one, either.

Only once or twice in 18 years I wished it was larger, but I am happy with what I have, since I never had one before.

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okspokesfan--can you please email me your email address--your email still isn't activated yet on GW.

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