Vaska for cashmere and wool?

izeveApril 11, 2011

I have recently started using Vaska - primarily for warm wash darks. I like it a lot as it leaves clothes soft and clean. Does anyone have experience using it for cashmere and wool sweaters? Is it safe? Recommended?

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Usually the only things you want to avoid with wool are enzymes. Vaska does not contain them.

I've used it to wash wool mattress pad covers I have for 3 of my beds. They always come out nice and smelling lovely.

Not to confuse matters but this is an excellent product for wool - Eucalan. They have a great how to section with info on caring for wool items.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eucalan

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Since Vaska does not contain enzymes, brighteners or bleaching agents, I imagine it's safe for those types of materials.

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Thanks for the feedback - on its face it looks like Vaska may be a safe choice. I am curious though if anyone has any personal experience?

As a knitter, I am very familiar with Eucalan but I use it only for hand washing my sweaters and shawls. I think it may be too sudsy for using in a washing machine, that's why I thought Vaska may be a good alternative.

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Sorry, livebetter - I see you have used it for mattress pads with good results. Still curious if anyone used it for sweaters etc., esp. cashmere.

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I've used Vaska on cashmere sweaters and I thought it was great. I've also used it for wool socks and silk items. I think it's great for delicate washables.

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I've used Vaska for Wool (and stupidly $$$) DKNY dress pants. Worked great!! :)

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Excellent! I need to wash all my sweaters before putting them away for the summer so I am happy to know that I can use Vaska on them. Thanks to all!

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