Turkey on a wood pellet grill?

debrak_2008May 1, 2013

We have a wood pellet grill and would like to try cooking a turkey on it.

Anyone done this? Any suggestions?

I'm going to google but I always trust the advice here more than other cooking websites.

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Are you talking about smoking with wood pellets?

Which grill do you have?


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I'll have to go out and look at the name of the grill. I'm not sure how or if a smoker is different than this grill.

We have been using it as a regular gas grill. It has a low med and high setting.

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You can absolutely cook a turkey on a wood pellet grill. The most important thing is temperature regulation (both on the grill/smoker and the ability to measure the interior temp of the turkey - 165 in the thick part of the breast means it is safe). Most pellet grills impart a nice wood fired flavor (especially at lower temps) and the turkeys we've cooked over ours have been amazing.

Here's a google link to a bunch of recipes. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grilled Turkey Recipes

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I did a turkey on a pellet grill. Turned out really good. What did you want to know?

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Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure what I need to know, lol! Any tips are appreciated. I don't want to "waste" a turkey by cooking it wrong.

I think I'll plan on doing it this weekend if the weather is good.

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