Looking for recipt from EasyEveryday Cooking Cards

Pat68greenMay 29, 2013

I collected all the cards in the Easy Everyday Cooking Cards, but I took the card in the Potatoe section to the grocery store and accidently lost it. I wanted to see if anyone have the EEC Cards and the # in the Potatoe section is Card #55. If anyone have that card, would u mind sharing that recipe with me. Thank you so much

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Pat, if you give us the name of the recipe, perhaps someone can find it. I did an internet search and found several potato recipes from that set of cards, but none had a number, they were just Parsley Potatoes, etc.


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I only make Ann's recipe. I've only been gonna make them for a month! Yum. Just as good as I remembered!

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The recipe name or something like it would help. I found Roasted Potatoes with Artichokes if that's the one. Found reference to another one or two also.

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Pat68green, are you still looking for the recipe? I have a complete set but no card #55. If you need any recipe from there let me know!

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