Executive versus Plain and Fancy Cabinet

kal34January 1, 2013

We will soon be ordering cabinets through Majestic Kitchens and I'm trying to choose between Plain and Fancy cabinets and Executive brand cabinets. I'm familiar with the excellent reputation of Plain and Fancy but I don't know much about Executive Cabinets. There is about a 12% difference in price between the two and I can not decide whether the mark up is worth it for the Plain and Fancy cabinets. Thank you for sharing your input!

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I also don't have experience with Executive, but have remodeled two kitchens using Plain and Fancy. Both are beautiful and everything went without a hitch.

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Looks like executive is frameless. The cabinet looks like a nice cabinet....but what you must decide on is: who has the better finish? Having sold P&F for years, I am a bit biased here. You can't go wrong with P&F....their finishes are beautiful!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Executive?

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I have Executive cabinets, installed in 2010 for my kitchen remodel. I wanted frameless to maximize space in a galley layout and have been overall very pleased with the quality of the ones I got.

My cabinets are white painted maple and there are a couple of spots where I have some wear/chipping-just beneath the handles where I open the garbage cabinet and the same location on the panel over the door of my built in fridge. And, one of the soft close drawers isn't functional anymore. I'm calling my contractor next week once the holidays are finished and hopefully those fixes will be done without much aggravation.

As far as the quality of the finish, no issues other than the chipping noted above, and they definitely are beautiful in appearance.

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My experience with Plain & Fancy was nothing short of awful. I suggest anyone look elsewhere.

Kompy's comment about the finish is, um, absurd. Yes, you'll love P&F finish if you like your maple cabinet doors looking like they've been dipped in plastic. But other factors count as well. For example, are the cabinets built carelessly?

P.S. Ah, Kompy, now I see you sell P&F. Explains so much. Thanks for 'fessing up!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plain & Fancy Counterfeits?

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Circus Peanut

Tortoise, do you have any pictures of the finish you are talking about? I'm making my own cabs so have no dog in this hunt, but am curious about your "dipped in plastic" description, since the P&F cabinets I've seen were really lovely and high-end, and their finish looked brushed on.

Lacking any photos, your post is really just anecdotal and random. There's certainly no need to be rude to Kompy, who's been a valuable member of this forum for many years.

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If I remember correctly, you're a Gardenweb newbie and you probably don't know this. But I'm a KD that has been posting here at GW for about 15-17 years (so far back I can't even remember). I was probably about 30 or so when I first found this awesome Kitchen Forum.....I'll turn 49 this year. I come here, mostly, to learn from homeowners and other pros. Longtime members here can vouch for me. I have never hidden the fact that I am a kitchen designer. There's nothing for me to "fess up". I am not trying to make sales here at GW. I have nothing to gain here. I just give members here my opinions on design, materials and installation issues as best I can with my 30 years in the industry.

It's unfortunate you were not happy with your P&F cabinets. No one KD or cabinet manufacturer can make everyone 100% happy, 100% of the time. And P&F maybe did drop the ball on your job for whatever reason. I just know that I have used them for 13 years now and not one unhappy customer. In fact, it's the one line where I've NEVER even had a replacement door made or had to have a rep out to a job. Ask anyone in the industry what an amazing track record that is.

I'm glad you like your Innermost cabinets (frameless) from Home Depot. They are actually, in fact, Medallion Cabinetry. I also sell Medallion and they are my second favorite line of cabinets! I also sell Innermost, although under a different name.

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Thanks Circuspeanut!

Here's an example of a cabinet I had made for a home built in 1910 that had a window niche. It's the best photo I have up close of a P&F finish. This is the P&F "Cashmere" finish which is not a true enamel paint but called a "Cleartone". It's a bit more $ than an enamel. But has a really soft, matte texture to it. I'll try to find another closeup of their enamel finish.

I have heard a couple clients remark in the past about how perfect P&F painted finishes are....that they can look plasticy. Then this cabinet line is not for you. However, the majority of people appreciate the workmanship it takes to get a painted finish this perfect.

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Hi circuspeanut, my introductory encounter with kompy was on the aforementioned thread where s/he accused me of being a shill, I guess, for criticizing P&F.

What Kompy never mentioned on that thread was the fact that s/he SELLS P&F,

More kitchen designer antics. Caveat emptor, folks.

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I'll be the first to apologize that I thought you were a fake poster a while back. It appears, now, at least that you are an uphappy customer giving your feedback to this forum.

If you go back to that thread, you'll see that I gave a basic opinion on your matter in the beginning. It wasn't until mamadada brought up that you had just joined GW that I became suspicious. Sorry, but it happens every now and then where people join GW to promote their business or to post false information against competition.

So please accept my apology on that part.

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Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience, Tortoise. During the course of a kitchen reno, many of us end up having at least one really bad experience with a well -known product, vendor, contractor, KD, etc. that is not typical of most customers. (Trust me, I've my had mine). That said, I've had Plain and Fancy painted maple cabinetry installed over 4 years now. I got exactly what I asked for. And, when I didn't, it was P&F -- not me, nor the KD, ID or contractor-- who first noticed the mistake. At their own initiative, P&F noticed that they had delivered standard drawer boxes instead of the upgraded ones I had ordered. After informing the KD of the error, they replaced all the drawer boxes and paid the contractor's change order fees for the labor involved in executing the swap. BTW, for those who may now be wondering about P&F finishes, the finish on my cabs is White Dove Enamel, low sheen. It cleans well and IMO doesn't look "plasticky.".

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Back to your question, kal34: It's looks like one major difference between the two cabinets that you're considering is that one is (U.S.) traditional face frame and the other is frameless. Do you have a preference? Do you know if you have a preference? I'm a huge fan of frameless for small kitchens like mine, but if that isn't a factor for you, then you can choose based on other things. If it really doesn't matter to you, then you can't go wrong with the P&F for 12% less. Just be sure you're getting all the really good stuff like full extension lower drawers and soft close everything. Ah, the luxuries in life. ;-)

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Any updates?

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We looked at Executive but not Plain&Fancy. I did like what I saw of Executive.

Kompy, I'm 100% in your camp on this one. No, make that 200%.

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Thanks oldbat2be. I appreciate your support. :-) I am feeling a bit attacked here.

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Executive does not exist any longer as it was either sold or *merged* (whatever that means).

But I still want to know for "undisclosed" reasons :-)

And I find whatever "kompy" said pretty reasonable.

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You mean in 2010? I considered them about 8 months ago and they were Executive then. I was all set to use them but both local dealers flaked out (one was just getting the line in, to be fair, so it might have been a bit too soon for them). The display I saw looked great and the online specs seemed very good based on what I have learned on GW.

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