Best top loader ?

zurkApril 3, 2012

im in the market for a good reliable top loader. would prefer one with a sanitize cycle, dont care too much about size other than it needs to wash king size quilts once in a while. any recommendations ? I have no idea which machine i should go with. I currently use a 10 year old whirlpool top loader which just about fits in the space (a front loader wont, the door make it too deep). Single 15 amp outlet is available. typically 3x-6x loads a week.

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Sanitize cycle requires onboard water heating, which requires an HE-type (non-agitator) toploader, typically a top-of-the-line model to garner the heater.

Non-HE toploaders do not have water heaters (well, not in the U.S.) because heating that much water on a non-240v power connection takes much too long to be reasonable.

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umm ?
i'm looking at 3 which are top loaders with sanitizing cycles. dont know how many more are available.[WTW8800YC]-1020630/WTW8800YC/
they all take 10 amps max.

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Would you consider an 8-10 year predicted lifespan a reliable machine?

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yup. $100/yr equivalent is fine. chances are i wont be keeping the house for more than 10 yrs anyway.

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"$100/yr equivalent is fine."

Double that if you like to keep a matching dryer with your washer. I know it's not required, but lots of people like a matched set.

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i already have a GE dryer i am happy with.

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