Does anyone know how to remove odors from the DRYER?

msfidgetApril 1, 2007

I mistakenly left my vitamins in my jeans pocket and ran it through the washer and dryer. One of my vitamins is a fish oil capsule. Now everything I launder reeks of fish!

It's been a nightmare. I've managed to get the odor out of the washer by running washes with various things. But I just can't figure out how to get rid of the fish smell from the dryer. Unless I use liquid fabric softener and tons of heavily fragranced dryer sheets, all my clothes come out of the dryer smelling like fish!

Does anyone have any tips on how to remove odors from the dryer? I'm going to have a baby soon and I know I can't continue using all this fragranced stuff on the baby's clothes, but I certainly don't want the baby to stink of fish!

Any suggestions you could offer would be sincerely appreciated.

PS: I have a front-loading Bosch Axxis 2460 with matching condensation (nonvented) dryer.

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Many years ago I got something in my dryer that left an odor. I believe I used diluted bleach, like for general cleaning. I wet a rag any rang out most of the water so it was damp and washed every surface in the dryer multiple times. I also washed the filter. Then I used plain water, wetting and ringing out a fresh rag and rinsed out the interior several times until no smell remained. I switched to a clean rag between each wash and rinse of the machine. Then I left the door open until it dried. It was very time consuming because I have a very large dryer. Yours should be a bit easier because the Axxis is a smaller machine I believe. I should mention that the interior of my machine is porcelain not stainless. I don't know what the interior of your machine is made of or if it would matter. Although now that I think about it, I guess it should not matter since the interior of my washer is stainless.

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A less odorous solution (and a safer one) would be the procedure jcrowley99 suggested except use white vinegar. It is wonderful for removing odors. Might try, after the wiping procedure, leaving a small open container of it left sitting in your dryer overnight. The smell will dissipate faster than bleach will, with no toxic fumes. Run your dryer on high after the vinegar use & then leave its door open 24 hrs or so.
Good luck--what a nightmare!

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Dampen some old towls with well-diluted lemon juice (10: 1 or more....use fresh juice; not canned or bottled) and tumble dry. I think you'll be impressed.

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Thank you so very much for your suggestions! I thought I destroyed my dryer. You guys saved it!

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You can also cut an apple in half or quarters and lay that in there for a while-overnight and it will take care of the smell. Great for the microwave if you ever burn popcorn or lay on the kitchen counter to help with a smell in the kitchen.

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do any of you all know if that would work with cat urine too?

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I tried to bleach wash/water rinse described in the first post and it worked wonderfully.

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