HVAC repaired, tech says we need new. Help!

clc08August 10, 2012

We are in southwest FL and bought this home last year and are "full-timers." A/C is Rudd RAKA-024JAZ and was freezing up. Hubby cleaned coils, etc. it worked for awhile and froze up again. Called repair person and tech said low on R22 and added one lb. He said it was the oldest unit he had ever seen and it is a 1985 unit and we needed to replace it. We have lived in this home 16 mo. He said we would have to replace both components related to R22 govt. phase out.

Do you have any way of knowing how long this temporary fix would last us, and could you recommend the units we should be considering. Our home is small, just under 1000 sq. ft.


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A waste of money to repair a 27 yr old AC system.

The idea of adding freon to a system with an obvious leak without an attempt to locate leak is so unprofessional and is known in the trade as a "gas n go" repair.

Go ahead and replace both condenser and evap coil.

Just adding freon might get you through the summer but I would not do it.

Sorry. Probably not what you want to hear.


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Tiger, thanks. I'm open to the truth, painful as it is. :) Tech already added freon and said at the time it would be futile to try to repair the leak. He did not locate the leak. We know this thing is ancient. Just wondered if we had a couple of months to stockpile some cash, or what. He said his company would refund us the price of the freon as well as the capacitor he replaced in the fan motor (husband had replaced it and I guess with the wrong capacitor which the motor sales guy sold him...) IF we purchased a new unit from them within 1 mo. So we'd be out the diagnostic fee of $85.

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Get several quotes.

How do you heat?

Straight AC system with air handler and small heat strip?


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Tiger, we have straight AC system with air handler and small heat strip. I don't think we've used the heat once since we've been here...

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