Help - Miele 1918 gasket replacement

TraceyC_FLApril 1, 2012

Hi all!

I've been on here before, but who knows what my member name was - and I don't think I have access to the email it is tied to any longer. New account time!

Anyway, I have an old Miele 1918 that I love, but my ex washed a screw driver in his pocket multiple years ago... and it leaks. HIs first patch job held for a long time, since that though it has been a "have towels at the edges to soak up the leak".

As a struggling single mom of 3, and now a full time student (to hopefully stop the struggling side), I finally scrapped up the money to order the gasket.

Then i realized i didn't have torx bits, and finally got that take care of.

Today it was "Tracey vs the gasket" - and the gasket won. I got the front open, got to where I needed to be - but couldn't figure out how i was going to pull it off THEN get the new one back on.

I really truly can't afford to have a service call for this - i've had multiple people flake on me this winter regarding putting my mower belt back on, so that is the next expensive service call.

Can I do this myself? Are there instructions? Am i missing something? Do i need more brute strength?

My laundry is piling up because the water leaking out is making a mess and I can't deal with it. I guess I need to just go to the laundromat and catch up and start over.

I did put another contact cement type bike patch on the UNDERSIDE of the hole since I was all the way there. THen I stuck a piece of gorilla tape over it. I'm hoping maybe it slows the leak down.

So if anyone has any tips/advice/help for me - i sure would appreciate it!!

Thanks -


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Tracey, I just took mine off yesterday, but have not attempted to put it back on. Here is where I got my instructions: "changing door seal on miele washing machine" and
Taking it off was no problem, just rememeber to hold the nut and washer when they come apart(so they don't fall down into the machine) and also make a drawing of how the parts go back together . I did not do that and wish I did.Perhaps you can tell me, is it screw, washer, ring from steel band, ring from steel band and nut with the "u" shape facing downward. Is that correct? Good luck getting it back on, I'll be watching to hear about your progress.

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OK, those instructions will help!!

I made it to #11 on the first one without the instructions - then gave up. I can't get the second link to load. Anything good there i'm missing?

I may give it another go in a bit - I really really need some clothes to wear this week! LOL!!

I"ll print your order out and pay attention when I disassemble, i'm really bad about paying attention to stuff like that. Oops! I knew the general how to take it about because the ex has replaced some brushes or something.

Maybe I will have the teen come take a video of me taking it apart? Of course, I might have to mute the sound ;-)

I'll let you know how I do on attempt 2. I really don't want to have to give up on this project.

OK. I'm going back in!

Thanks bunches!!

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Try this to get all of the instructions,

Hope this helps!

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I thought of something else! I purchased a service manual from for $6.99. It had a diagram that showed putting a screwdriver in behind the front frame to get to the screw that holds the steel band ring around the rubber boot. Sorry, I forgot to mention earlier.

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Well, the current issue is... I don't have a long enough screwdriver to get the ring piece off. My short one is too fat to fit, and the regular one needs a couple of more inches.

i'm 99% sure I have a LONG one... but it is philips.

Tried calling the ex to bring me one on his way to bring the kids back - but he's ignoring the phone (probably related to the fact they are supposed to be here at 6 and he's late). I don't care, I just want it DONE! LOL!!

I took a picture of the screw - but I don't know if that will help you yet.

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I tried that - but my stubby screwdriver is too fat (HA, like me!). I know the ex has what I need - and if I didn't catch him today we have a meeting at the school in the morning.

I'm tempted to go root thru a friends shop because I know he isn't home - but my luck he will have actually locked the door today.

I hate having to buy tools - I think a 10" one would be long enough, I have free prime and could have it Tuesday. My UPS guy is about to boycott my driveway again, but I might be doing him a massive favor tomorrow so maybe he might drive down it.

At this point I guess I will leave it apart - I feel SOOO close! :D

Thanks bunches for the help!! Know anything about putting the belt back on a John Deer riding mower? LOL!

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OK, the ex is bringing me a small short flat screwdriver (i gave him back his philips that matches it apparently), and a long one to cover both bases.

I figured he wouldn't have a problem - since he knows he is the cause of the problem!

Hopefully tomorrow night I will be back in business! Then my closet will be MINE again.

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Well, with potterylady's wonderful help I got it changed, and have a load of laundry washing.

Except it is still leaking. The water is in the lower left corner - at this point because it had been leaking for so long, who knows what might have rusted/corrodied thru.


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It's gushing water at this point.

I checked the drain and discovered a penny in there - I don't know if it was plugging some leak or what, but well, since then it's flooding.

I think i'm resigned to the Laundromat.

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