Trane not cooling. compressor problem?

perfitpairAugust 15, 2011

A couple of questions. I have a XL16i Trane, 3 years old. It was just checked/serviced two weeks ago and was fine. We were away last week and over the weekend it stopped cooling for our housesitter. The repairman came out and replaced a capacitor but said it needed a new compressor as well.

The parts are under warranty but labor was quoted at over $500 for 2 hours. Does that seem reasonable?

Does it seem reasonable that a 3 year old compressor would fail - after it was just checked?

They turned the unit off - not great in our Florida weather - so the house was at 88 degrees last night. We turned the unit back on to cool and in an hour it was 82 and over night down to 73 again. I think this unit has two compressors but does this amount of cooling seem like one of them is out?

Any comments would be useful.

Should I look for another company to service the unit? or make the repair?

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well, it sounds like its working for you. I don't know what the repairman tested to determine you need a new compressor. Its possible thats why the capacitor failed prematurely.

You might want a 2nd opinion.

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If your house is 72 deg In would think the tech was just covering his butt. They do that in case somthing happends and they have a jerk for a boss.

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After reading all of the great questions and answers in this forum, I was prepared to confront the service manager. As you suggested, if it's cooling (which it did for 3 days before they called me back) then it's probably not the compressor. So they sent an expert tech out today to check it all out and the compressor is fine. Their excuse was that the first repairman was inexperienced and misinterpreted what had happened (just a capacitor needed replacement). Of course before I raised all of these questions to the manager they were going to replace one of the compressors for $500 ($250/hr) labor since the part is under warranty.
The lesson to be learned is to read others experiences, get some knowledge and DON'T believe what one service hack says. Thanks all.

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I would like to think this was more ignorance than conspiracy.


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This sounds fishy to me. What was the labor charge to change the capacitor?

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here fishy fishy

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