Whitefish filets How to?

ci_lantroMay 11, 2012

I picked up some whitefish filets and need some ideas on the best way to prepare them. Also, ideas for sides. Just made up Ina's Wild Rice Salad and need something else to go with?

Don't have much exposure to fish here...just the panfish that we catch & DH thinks all fish must be fried, BUT, I'm thinking something else for the whitefish? Or not?

Oh, fast and easy is good.

Thank you!

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We love this recipe from NY Seafood Council. I use less shrimp and cut up 3 scallops. I have also used frozen seafood mix from Trader Joes - a small amt I had leftover.

This heats up well the next day if you have any leftovers.

This would be delicious with Ina's rice. Any veggie, and you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nick's Stuffed Hake fillets

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I usually do a light saute with just a dusting of seasoned flour, half butter and half oil in the pan.

Whitefish is so sweet and mild, you don't want to over power it.

I have also deep fried it, using a light batter.

A green vegetable would be good with it...green beans, broccoli or peas.


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Here's another idea for whitefish. I posted it on the Cookalong Wine thread... it's near the bottom of the thread.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cookalong #40 ---- Wine

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Well, DH announced that he has a bad belly so I'm not cooking fish tonight. DSII & I made spaghetti carbonara instead. (DS's favorite.) (Jello for DH.) So the fish will be for dinner tomorrow if DH is sufficiently recovered. Ina's salad will be better after an overnight in the refrig.

Thank you for the recipe ideas. A couple of them sound wonderful but a bit over the top for me. Don't have access to quality seafood here in central Wisconsin. Anyway, I'll probably try the light saute because it's easy and I won't have to make a grocery run.

I've eaten whitefish only one time and that was in a restaurant in Sault Ste Marie several years ago. I don't remember how it was prepared but I do remember that it was the most wonderful fish that I'd ever eaten. Being a restaurant, I imagine that it was either sauteed or broiled. Hope mine turns out half so good!

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Whitefish sauteed in butter....dressed with a bit of lemon and chopped fresh parsley...
With asparagus....and maybe tiny boiled newpotatoes with more of that butter and parsley.
Delicate fish needs a gentle hand with the seasoning.
Linda C

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