Cherry ?

trixietxMay 19, 2012

My cherry tree is loaded this year. I was looking at some recipes and one called for two pounds of cherries. How many cups would that be?

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Hi Trixie,

Wikianswers says: one pound fresh cherries equals 21/2 -3 cups pitted cherries

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well...I really believe that "a pint's a pound, the world around"....and I would use closer to 3 1/2 cups of pitted cherries to equal 2 pounds of unpitted cherries.
If you are measuring whole unpitted cherries, I would guess that 2 pounds is closer to 5 cups than 3 cups.
Come to my house....I'll put it on my scale.

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Wish I could Linda, don't know why I haven't bought a food scale before now.

Thank you both for your help, I am good to go. More cherry picking tomorrow.

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I have a friend with a prolific cherry tree. She pits the cherries adds the sugar and flour and fills a pyrex pie plate, covers and freezes. When frozen solid, removes the cherry "disc" and wraps well and stores in the freezer.
Then in mic winter, she makes a crust, puts the frozen cherries in the crust and bakes really hot....covers the top with foil partly through.
yes the crust does get a little soggy....but I'll take that home made cherry pie any day!!
Linda C

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What else are you going to make with the cherries? My trees are also loaded this year. They are several weeks from picking yet so have a little time to make a plan.

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What kind of cherry tree do you have? My father could not get cherries to grow and make cherries where he lives in Texas, and he said he was too far south. I guess you must be in north Texas.

Do you preserve many of your cherries for use in future pies?


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Patty, I made four recipes of cherry pie filling yesterday and froze them, today I am making two batches of cherry jam. Both are recipes in the Ball Blue Book.

Lars, I am in the Texas panhandle. I have an older sweet cherry tree and a dwarf sour cherry tree and it is the one that is loaded. Both trees were loaded, but we had a bad hail about a month ago that took care of the sweet cherries. The sour cherry tree is between buildings and more protected.

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