condensor runs or doesn't turn off with air handler - thermostat?

jperiodAugust 8, 2011

This started last week where my air handler would run and run but the a/c condensor wouldn't come on. I shut off the breaker and turned it back on and then it's been okay for a while until this morning. I noticed the condensor running outside even though the air handler was off inside. Flipping the thermostat doesn't seem to do anything but turn the air handler on/off. The only way to turn off the condenser was flip the breaker.

What could this be? Wiring at the condensor? New thermostat? I can install a thermostat myself, but wiring out at the unit I'll have to call someone.

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You need to call a tech to have him come out and look at your unit. Sounds to me like your contactor is welded shut...or you have some crud in between the points... like dead ants,stuff like that.

Hope this helps

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Try this. Turn off the breaker for the outside unit. Activate the thermostat in the house and have someone outside listen to see if they can hear the relay clicking in and out. (noticeable clacking noise). If nothing is heard then probably a bad thermostat.
Also, it would be cheaper to go to Home Depot and get their cheapest thermostat for a test than to call out a technician. If that cures the problem then get the thermostat you want.

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