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JustaKidAugust 11, 2011

I live in a high cost of living area in the NYC suburbs in NJ. I have this quote for all Rheem equipment. This is for a rental property in a condo complex where all other units have bottom end HVAC equipment, so efficiency isnt a great concern.

Condenser 13ajn36ao1

Furnace RGPS12earjr

Coil re33636c245b202 2ap

My quote is for 5100 installed. Thanks.

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A low end 13 SEER AC paired with an 80% eff conventional sgl stage furnace. I assume that you are limited to 80% by this being a condo unit rental. Is that correct?

I did not see this evap coil or an AHRI Directory match. You should check on this. What size condo? What size AC and furnace are you replacing?

Any idea on the warranty of this proposal?

New refrigerant line set? What about a filter media cabinet?


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Thanks for your response. Condo is a top floor 1580 sqft unit with a loft. Not sure why the 80% limit, but we are trying to replace cheaply and as similarly as the original stuff (25 years old).

Since I will never pay the electric bill, I am going bottom end efficiency, just want something that wont break.

Replacing a 3 ton ac unit and 125,000 BTU furnace (furnace was calculated to be way oversized).

Leaving line that runs through the common area of condo.

Warranty is 5 year all parts, 10 year condenser and I believe 20 year heater on furnace and 5 year everything else on furnace. Thinking of going with this guy bc he will give 2 year free labor on all replacement/fixes and 3 year on problems with his labor.

Considering a similarly priced Lennox bid with similar, low-end equipment (13ACX, etc)

Equipment was all roughly the same that neighbors replaced with, and they were owner/occupants, so little value for me in going higher end.

Thanks again

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You are being grossly oversized on heating.

I prefer Rheem over Lennox. However, I would suggest the X13 blower motor model furnace for higher efficiency than the mdl quoted.

I would discuss with Rheem dealer your options on AC condenser to get 10 yr warranty.


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