Goodbye Miele W4842, Hello Electrolux Wave Touch

larsi_gwApril 21, 2010

Let me start off by saying, I still love my Miele dishwasher, ovens, ventilation hood and 2 canister vacuums.

In the last 16 years, we have owned 6 sets of Miele washers and dryers. 2 sets were 100% problem free from day one of ownership (standard capacity/Euro sized models).

We also had 2 W4840s and 2 W4842s. One W4840 was actually pretty great, but the other 3 had problem(s) from day ONE.

Our last replacment W4842 that was delivered on 4/16/10 arrived not working right at all. The spin cycle was VIOLENT. Even after Miele sent a new team out on Saturday, the shaking, vibrating and thrashing around was totally unacceptable. This being the 3rd W48xx model to not work correctly, I threw the towel in.

Sunday 4/18/10, a beautiful new 4.7 cu ft Electrolux Wave Touch dryer and a 8 cu ft electric Wave Touch dryer were delivered. They are amazing!! Without joking, you could set a thin crystal wine glass or a house made of stacked cards on top of the washer during it's Max spin cycle...and they would not move!

Plastics on the Electrolux are not as refined or high quality as on the Miele units, but the glass and metals used on the Electrolux are quite good. The stainless wash drum is beautiful, and I love that the wash paddles have holes in them (the clothes get wet and rinse faster and more efficiently).

The cycles that are offered on my Wave Touch are great. So far I've washed king sized blankets (thin comforters), lots of jeans, sheets, regular day to day clothes, towels...and EVERYTHING is fresher, softer and cleaner than in the Miele. Surprised actually.

The 8 cu foot Wave Touch dryer is a thing of beauty. It is SO, SO BIG. Clothes just bounce around, and barely touch each other. Nothing even has the slightest wrinkle or crease, and sheets look ironed. We're happy we spent the extra money on the Wave Touch model, since the Wave Touch has Perfect Tumble (reversing drum, like Miele has). The reversing drum combined with the enormous 8 cu ft drum is a dream!! The steam re-fresh cycle actually releases wrinkles...I was surprised it worked.

While I still love my Miele appliances, in my opinion Miele washers and dryers are not as bullet proof as they once were. Honestly, don't know, think or expect my new Electrolux units to last 15 years....But I'm happy they work when delivered, and my laundry has not looked this good in years!!!

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Glad to see you reached a resolution. Life is short, and there is no need to waste it on problems that are time-consuming. We love our Miele's, but I do believe the North American market was shorted with the W 48XX and T 98XX series, and that it will take until the third generation of the series to get it where Miele intended. We are contemplating the new La Perla II dishwasher, but we do not want to purchase one until at least the second generation.

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the W48XX and their T98XX dryers are made **just for north American market**, they are double sized machines ... yet **they cost less than the regular sized W3033** (notice this this size is worldwide sold) : don't know where, anyway IMHO somewhere there's a compromise. I'm sorry Larsi had to give up, I'd also think that average Miele USA tech people aren't as trained as european counterparts. Four pairs with a problem are way too much beyond common sense. After the 1st wrong pair they had to check to death the next one before delivering it to Larsi.
Almost every issue is fixable, but one has to have a proper clue

As for dishwashers these machines are sold worldwide, so I guess they have higher quality standards than W48XX. The next La Perla will be the G 5930 SC. Last week Miele have just showed the future dishwasher series at the Eurocucina (kitchen furniture and appliances exibition) in Milan (Italy). There's already a review on the : new G 5000 series

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The Electrolux machines are certainly interesting. I kind of laugh when I look at sizing, for instance of a Cabrio/Oasis/Bravos machine that takes a 4.5 cf machine and pairs it with a 7 cf dryer.

I didn't know about the reverse tumbling and the like on the Electrolux dryer. I wish more dryers had this feature.

Keep us posted on your experience. Not a lot of Elextrolux users seem to post here so it's nice to hear occasionally on experiences.

Enjoy your machines. Too bad Miele let you down so many times. Apparently their quality, like so many others, isn't what it used to be.

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That is interesting to hear. We are thinking of returning our Miele W4842 washer and T9822 gas dryer. While they are built like a tank. The spin cycle on the washer vibrates like crazy. Miele tech said nothing they could really do, except lower the spin rate. Also the dryer either has clothes come out too damp on the normal cycle or way to hot (almost burning) on the extra dry cycle. We almost purchased the Electrolux models, but could not find many reviews on the this forum, so went with the Miele's.

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gfish...on your T98xx dryer, Miele can come and re-program the dryer. As it is now, the dryer is set to a "Euro" style of drying. The Normal cycle is actually more of a slightly damp cycle. Of course Extra Dry bakes/fries clothes, even using Gentle.

When the Miele tech comes out, he/she can set the Normal temp a little warmer and at the same time have them set the extended cool down/tumble program. The clothes will now be dry using the Normal program, and at the end of the cycle, you will get about a 10 minute cool down (the dryer will go tumble in both directions quite a lot).

For 99% of my loads, I used Normal and the Gentle option selected. Using Gentle just adjusts how fast the dryer heats up.

It is really sad actually, that 2 W4842 units did not work. Well, in terms of cleaning..they worked beautifully!! I think for some people, with an isolated Laundry Room, the W4842 is a great fit though. Our Laundry Room is at the end of the hallway, on our main floor (it can be seen and heard easily from a large part of the house. Our 2 story home has all marble and hardwood the sound of the vibrating & shaking was honestly horrific. The physical build quality of the Miele units are fantastic though.

I know my new Electrolux units will not last as long as the Miele units will, but having them so quiet and balanced is very important to me. Interesting, Electrolux USA now allows you to buy extended warranty plans directly thru Electrolux (a la Miele). You can do that up to 15 years!!! I guess that shows some confidence in their items.

So far, about 12+ loads in the Electrolux...and I LOVE them. I still think the overall build materials on the Mieles is a slight notch better, but the Electrolux materials are still quite nice. There are lots of great wash and dry cycles offered, the amount of water used is perfect and the size of both units is Amazing!!! The 8 cu ft dryer really lets clothes just bounce and dance around. I do not know the last time I had sheets and towels so soft and fluffy (and the Miele dryer was/is quite good as well). Overall, very happy with the Electrolux units!

Please let me know if you return the units. Don't let the Performance guarantee lapse. Can you return the dryer as well??? It used to only be the dishwashers and washing machines that you could retrun.

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I am not sure on the dryer? You would think so, but maybe not? How did you exchange yours? Through Miele or the store you purchased them at? Have not quite given up hope yet on Miele.

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larsi, I'm glad you finally solved your issues. Too bad you had to get a new pair, but who cares what brand it is as long as it works! Would you mind sharing information about cycles, built-in heater use, wash temps, etc?

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good to hear you got your problem fix by a new pair of E'lux machine...

the big Miele do like concrete floor much better than anything else because it's more willing to spin unbalance load than the other... good for keep the cycle on time and great for efficiency, but 2nd floor installation become hit or miss...

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The cycles run anywhere from 18 minutes (Quick wash) to almost 2 hours (sanitize wash). I have been using Normal, which is 52 mins, using the Normal soil setting. You can set the soil level to extra light, light, normal, heavy, extra heavy or heaviest (each notch up adds about 3-4 mins to the tumble wash times). The internal heater is ON for EVERY load, unless you manually set the Auto temp feature off. From Warm, to hot, to Sanitize....the internal heater is on :) Love that!

Rinse default is 2 rinses (and it has a pretty good water level by factory settng!). A 3rd rinse is offered in almost every cycle, and you can also set a warm rinse if you like. Unless you select Warm Rinse, the rinses are cold by default.

Spin speeds are 0 RPM to 1350 RPM

There are 10 set wash cycles (Normal, casual, colours, outerwear, Heavy wash, etc...). They can be changed a little if desired, and you can also do a custom cycle and set what ever temp, spin, rinse, times, etc, you want.

I am actually amazed how well they work, and the options are almost endless (but SO easy to use and navigate). The backlight screen is so intuitive, and the graphics are cool! I also love that at any time the washer or dryer are running, you can turn the bright white/blue LED drum light on. It's so cool seeing both units illuminated while in use.

So far, I am VERY impressed!!!!

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Larsi, what detergent(s) are you using in your new Electrolux? I'm starting to research a new laundry pair ... always though I would get Miele but not too sure now. So many to choose from (Samsung, AEG, Bosch, Electrolux) ... oh my ...

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I use Persil about 99% of the time. I am very, very happy with Persil Color Gel and Persil Universal Gel (whites and super light items). The powder Megaperls smell great, but the liquids (for me) clean better and remove all odors and most any stain!

I use Downy April Fresh softener, or sometimes Gain softener. I almost always dilute the softener with can be so thick. I find clothes are so much softer and less wrinkled when using softener. I like it a lot.

I think Miele as a company is awesome. I think the W48xx series just have too many issues for the price. Not that the new Electrolux are cheap (the dryer is actually a lot more than the Miele). Good Luck. Oh yeah...I am not a Samsung fan at all!!

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I tried a Electrolux IQ touch washer and dryer, the spin was very shakey, but it washed very well, and it was pertty quiet while washing. I loved the size, but it was LOUD when spinning. The dryer made my scratchy towels fluffy again, and there were no wrinkles in the clothes, but the high pitch whine it put out both inside and outside was too much. So i switched them and like an idiot went with the Samsung 448. The delivery guys dammaged the front corner of washer when stacking dryer. I was given 10% off. The dryer was great, but did have the hollow drum sound, but the really bad thing was that it was not cleaning my clothes at all, no matter what. So since i liked the cleaning of the Electrolux,i decided i could put up with sound of dryer and maybe different washer would not vibrate so much. Got them yesterday. First load the washer drum made a sound like a dog howling in pain when it turned. It did it in 3 loads. I looked at the rubber gasket that meets at the drum where the water drains, and there were rubber shavings all along there, lots and lots. So insepcting found that the rubber gasket part is farther out on the left which makes the drum rub and its getting shaved, we found the other side doing same thing. Called Elect, and they said not normal, will need to have new seal sent to me for repair. The dryer, is for some reason, pushing all the clothes into the window, smashing them there, can't get it to stop, so all clothes came out horribly wrinkled, plus it did have the high pitch whine too. Plus the delivery guys apparently shoved on the side of the dryer and it is bowed in at the top in the middle. Store says i should just use washer as it may stop shaving after a while and not to worry about shavings messing up pump. Now, i love all the options, its so fun to use, and when i used it my clothes were CLEAN, so i really want a wave touch set, but do NOT want to have to have seal fixed after one use and do not want to keep a bent dryer. Am going to speak to manager tomorrow. Maybe it's the fact that i didnt like the IQ touch or the non cleaning, out of balance all the time Samsung, so thats 2 strikes against me, so they may not want to order me another set. It's a LOT of money i paid for the Wave, and i am expecting to have to fight for another, but the delivery guys didnt call before coming, they didnt hook up my vent hose right, didnt know how to install stack kit, hooked up hoses wrong and didnt level it. they were a joke. It took us 2 hours to fix their install. Am i out of line to expect another set? Or would any of you just get washer repaired? The IQ dryer did not smash the clothes into the window like this one, so i know the one i got yesterday should not do this. I am heart broken right now, and i hate to have to go speak to them, but i should not have to pay this much for defects, and their mishandling. Sorry this is so long. I am glad she got a good set and i can't wait until i can write in with how awesome my replacement is. Fingers crossed!!

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So are you having issues with an IQ set, or a Wave Touch set?

My Wave Touch dryer also pushes a lot of the items against the glass when running. It seems normal, as my clothes, towels, linens have never been softer, fluffier and more wrinkle free in my life!

During the Max Spin cycle on my Wave Touch washer, you could (no joke) place a thin, crystal wine glass on the top and it would not budge. Honestly, I have to walk in the laundry room to see if my machine has entered the Max Spin cycle. It is beyond balanced and quiet. Amazing actually!!

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Larsi, it was the IQ i didnt care for, although the IQdryer didnt wrinkle my clothes like this one does. Does your dryer have a very loud high pitch whine? I don't know why this dryer wrinkles so bad when the IQ didn't, but i love all the options and and it's fun to go through all the settings. The washer was like yours in the first 3 or 4 washes, now it's really shaking, but does get up to a spin and evens out a little better. I think it is the problem with the seal that's doing it, not to mention i am picking rubber shavings from my clothes and especially my towels. The tub is wearing a groove in the seal where it is too tight against the tub. We are going to speak to the manager on monday, and i hope that he will order me another set. I do not want a dryer that is bowed in on the top of the right side, not even if they give me 10% off. They dammaged the Samsung also and i felt bad asking for a new one, so took the 10%. BUT, i love the wave so much, that for the amount of money i paid, i would like them to look as good as they are. Would you have your seal replaced if on the first wash it did what mine did and is doing? I have read on reviews that parts were back ordered a lot, plus Electrolux sends YOU the part, then the repair man comes. I wanted so badly the teal color, but could only afford the white, so don't rub it in if you have a colored one!!!LOL What a mess, i hate the stores making it feel like you are the problem, not their people who bent in the side. I thought i was in laundry heaven when i did the first wash, until the problem showed it's self. But hope to be able to be as happy as you are soon. I did have to wait a week and a half for these. I also worry about the strain the drum motor might be under running it with it dragging on the seal. I don't want to have problems with other parts because of it. Will keep you updated

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Roseark, I had a Miele that had the rubber seal rubbing on the metal, and sending rubber shavings all over clothes and inside the drum. The Miele tech just "adjusted" the seal...and the problem went away totally (too bad all the warning messages did not :(

No I do not have the teal coloured Wave Touch. I wanted white, my spouse wanted that deep Mediterranean Blue. So we kinda compromised on a colour. We got silver. It is a deep silver, almost a pewter colour. It goes really well in our laundry room, since all the hardware on doors and cabinets are a pewter/silver.

I'm actually surprised the IQ dryer did not wrinkle your clothes, as the IQ model does NOT have reverse tumble. Without reverse tumble, clothes (especially sheets) just tumble around & around in the same direction and makes a big ball. Hot on the outside, and moist and wrinkled on the inside. With my new Wave Touch, I have it set to Perfect Reverse Tumble, Wrinkle Prevent and Extended Tumble. Perfection. Oh, and there is NO high pitch noise on either the washer or dryer. Knock on wood..they could not be any quieter!!

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Larsi, i will try to keep everything on the perfect tumble then. IQ touch only had a high pitch wistle on the outside of house, but a loud hum on the inside. This one is a high whistle that you have to work at blocking your mind from it. We put rigid vent pipe on it, as we had the duct that looks like an accordion on the IQ. My husband took the pipe loose and the whine is definately coming from the dryer, so don't know what to do if i have to keep it. I also don't understand why the washer was so still when we first used it, but after a few washes it now shakes a lot until it gets to full speed. I don't know if changing the seal will make it go back to being smoothe or not. Also, i am wondering about the amount of water it puts out. The other model put out a lot more than this one. This model i have has a small stream coming out like the pump is not working right. It gets a little better on extra rinse, but it has a lot less than the IQ or Samsung i had. I just hope that if i have to have it fixed, that it has not hurt the motor any with the resistance of the seal. I have all white appliances, so this fits really well, and i love the look of it. It's definately a fun new toy. It has way more than i thought, and especially love the light and the option of turning it on during a wash. That way i can check if i put enough soap. How big of a pool of water do you see on normal and colors? Maybe mine has the right amount. The IQ had it to where you could see the splash of water in the window, and i liked that it had more than the Samsung, so expected it in the Wave. Will see manager on monday. Hubby is taking off early from work to go. He wants to make sure that they don't look at me as a problem or over picky customer. Had the pressure checked for house pipes and they are fine.

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Roseark...When my new Wave Touch washer begins the spin cycle, there is a small amount of vibration/rattling/shaking. I think this is normal, and part of the balance procedure. As the spin cycle picks up speed, it gets quieter & quieter.

Compared to my Miele units, the Electrolux seems to use A LOT less water. I do not have a "pool" of water splashing around during the wash cycle, in fact no water even really touches the window. The rinse cycles use more (but no where near as much as my Miele did set to Water+)!! Even though it seems that the machine is beyond frugal with water during the wash cycles, all the clothes/towels/beddings are completely wet and clean. For some reason, there seems to be very little suds in the Electolux, compared to the Miele. I think the more water, the more suds. Everything I have now washed in the Wave Touch has been as good, or better than in the Miele.

I still think the plastics and glass used on the Miele are a step above the Electolux, but the cycles, options and quietness on The Electrolux are way ahead of Miele. No buyer's remorse at all!!

Keep us posted, after Monday. Good Luck!!!!! :)

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Larsi, so glad to know about the water issue. My spin does rock and shake then smoothes out more as it gets higher. If there are clothes stopped in the dryer, you can see them shaking throughout the spin. I am still a little leary about using the washer with the tub rubbing, but will ask a factory auth about it before we go to store. I have some colored cotton T-shirts that i washed in the samsung and i like to damp dry due to shrinking then hang to finish drying. The samsung made them stink so bad, that i rinsed them 4 times with no sucess. I washed them in the Wave and they got some better, but will have to wash again but will use the 5 min soak option that is just great! My hubby really likes the Wave and usually he doesnt care, so it's nice that he is happy with it when we get our prob fixed. Thanks for all the info, and for reading all my complaining. It's nice to know there is another wave user on the forum.

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Larsi, today we went to set up return for Electrolux washer that was having problems. The guy at appliance who sold it to us said that we needed to call Electrolux, tell them the prob and ask for a R.C.M number, then call him with it and he will order me another one, so that they can get refunded from Electrolux. Electrolux wanted to send out a service repair. I told them that i didn't trust this machine due to the rubbing and had called the authorized repair man, told him the prob and he said he would ask for a new one, as this could be seal or tub or both. He said he wouldnt keep one that was bad from day one. So after Electrolux figured out i wasnt going the repair route, they told me to call the store and tell them they had a seven day return policy. Told her it was delevered last thurs.and that store was passing buck to them. Electrolux got the store on the phone, told them i said no repair and then electrolux said the 7 day return policy for a electrolux did not start until unit was delivered, not from purchase date! Store said it would get with their RCM people and that electrolux may give them some credit for it. I am not sure they will get full credit. Anyway, i should hear from store tomorrow to tell me that they have ordered me another set as the dryer was dammaged and they did not check it over before delivery. I don't think that it was my place to have to do all the leg work. It should have been store, but salseman said if i called that it would carry more weight. I think that he knew that i would be told to have it repaired and he just didn't want to tell us that. I will rest easier when they call tomorrow with a time line of when new set is in. They will reverse the dryer door as they didn't do it with this one even though i asked for it, but my DH was going to do it anyway. Fingers crossed i get a good set, no scratches, dents, or detergent tray that does not hang on the front corner which this one does. THEN, i will be in laundry heaven!!!!

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Roseark...PLEASE keep me (us ) posted about getting a replacement Wave Touch washer & dryer! Will you get Island White again, or spring for the teal colours you wanted? They are only $100 more for the coloured ones...If you really love the teal ones, you should just get them. You will (hopefully) have them a long time, so an extra $200 will not make any difference. You deserve it!!!

It's been over a week now with my new Wave Touch set...and I LOVE them. I literally "roam" the house and closets looking for things just to wash, so I can use the machines! LOL My spouse keeps laughing and thinks I am nuts and obsessed (probably true with both:)

Good Luck!!

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Larsi, i do wish i could have sprung for the color, but no have to get the white. $200.00 is a stretch for us as i am disabled, so 1 paycheck family. But i do love the set, and will be happy just to get to wear them out washing. Store said 7-10 days to get in. It was ordered yesterday. Plus i missed out on the government rebate, but we do get one from Electrolux. Just wish that Electrolux would have given it to you instantly, then people could get the colored ones. As it is, one person waited 4 months to get their 10% rebate from Electrolux. Oh well, maybe years from now i will be able to get the teal. I just don't look at it when i am in the store. Will let you know if i get a good one!!!

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Larsi, i meant to tell you that we really weren't looking to get a washer and dryer. In december my dishwasher died, so it was considered my christmas present to get a new one. Then in jan. my washer burned up. It was about 13-14 years old, so while looking for a new one, we saw the ones that could be stacked, and it was just a perfect thing for us because then i wouldn,t have the dryer door hitting me in the knees when i opened it. The place where they are is very very small, just room for that a skinny cabinet beside it, and a laundry cart. So that's why i had to settle for the white electrolux because of the dishwasher, then getting both a washer and dryer. The electrolux took a huge bite from our savings.

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