Look what i found in a airhandler !

fluffybunnysuiAugust 21, 2011

Customer called me the other day complaining of not having any air. As usual, when i get to someones unit, the 1st thing i do is to turn on the blower at the thermostat "on/auto" switch. It tells me a world of info if the blower comes on, line voltage is present, transformer is working, fan relay is active, stuff like that but in this particular case i didnt get any blower movement. So off with the door to the airhandler, checked for line voltage (had 240vac), checked my low voltage (had 28vac)at the low voltage terminal strip, which tells me at least part of the circuit board is ok and the 5amp fuse isn't open or blown. I put my hand on the blower motor and its hot... really hot. I try and spin the blower wheel and there is alot of resistance, so i naturally think its the bearings in the motor.... so i pull the housing and notice its heavy...heavier than it should be... and there is a wicked horrible smell. I bet your already thinking what i'm thinking...

Once the racoon was dug out, we washed everything real well, reinstalled the blower and it worked fine.

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Was it Medium? Don't like well done.

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A little on the rare side for me....

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The manufacturer put that in there for a reason, I hope you replaced it with an OEM. That little tag on the back of him should tell you what size.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sad. Wonder how the little fella got in there.

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He came thru the plenum, threw the heater strips, probably got electricuted, then fell into the blower.

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Don't be fooled by the "cuteness" of a raccoon. After a badger, they are perhaps the most vicious animal if they attack.

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So, he chewed through the plenum? there has to be a sizeable leak in the vents somewhere...

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Oh yeah...sizeable to say the least !

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Reminds me of this commercial

Here is a link that might be useful: Best week of my Racoon Life!!!

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My neighbor in the country raised a pair that lost their mother due to poisoning and they are incredible creatures. Imagine a three year old that can climb and get to any height. They could twist door knobs and open jars of peanut butter. I would sit and watch them chase each other around on above ground pool and swat each other in the water running as fast as they could. They are off the hook. She left the cages at the edge of the woods and as they got older the doors stayed open and they went back to the wild.

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Had one as a pet in my childhood. BBAAADD idea! They are into everything, And if they mate get pregnant they will turn extremely defensive and terrorize the home. Had to walk around with a stick the whole time cause she did not want us in HER house. Not to mention rabies.

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That's about the largest dead thing I have seen in a unit. Had one call once the furnace was locking out on the inducer air switch. Dead MALLARD in the chimney! Have never once seen ducks sitting on top of a masonry chimney. My best guess is the thing died while flying and fell down inside. lol

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Speaking of bodies in chimneys, it could have been worse. A human body found in a chimney 27 years after the guy vanished:


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