LG 5101 washer clothes softener dispenser

graymare7April 30, 2011

I am just learning to use the features on my new LG washer and have a problem already with the clothes softener container.

I always used vinegar and bs in my old machine for softening instead of dryer sheets, et. and so I poured vinegar in the dispenser but it never got dispensed. Now it is still there and I don't know how to get it out. I'm afraid if I just leave it in there it will corrode the plastic or something.

Could someone please tell me what to do?

Thank you,


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Try reading your owners manual. It specifically describes how to remove the detergent*fabric softener dispenser drawer.

I believe there is a button on the control panel that must be pressed in order to dispense the contents of the softener drawer.

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Try reading your owners manual.

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I own the washer, you have to push the fabric softener button to use FS in the machine. To remove the drawer, pull it out and then slightly tilt it up, it has a catch to it. I agree, if owners would read their owners manuals, they wouldnt have most of these issues, thats what they were printed for.

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Isn't that what turkey basters are for *smile*?

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Good one rogerv!

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wow you got some really annoying troll messages here, why can't people read your question before replying. I have same issue, there is NO fabric softener button and yet there is a fabric softener container. No I don't have the manual because the manual went missing, WHY ELSE would I be on here asking!!!!!

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Instruction manuals can usually be found and downloaded as .pdf files on manufacturer web sites. There are two 5101 models on LG's site -- WT5101HV and WT5101HW.

I looked at the WT5101HW manual, which explains that the machine has both "Fabric Softener" and "Extra Rinse" option buttons. Fabric Softener is to be pressed if softener is used, to change the final rinse from a spray rinse to a deep(-fill) rinse so softener is dispensed and distributed properly. Extra Rinse can also be used, as suggested with the Heavy Duty and Cotton/Normal cycles.

There are also instructions on how to remove the dispenser drawer for cleaning.

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The fabric softener butt is located at the bottom of your control panel under "Options" it is the forth button from the right. Its there trust me Shelby

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