Gas dryers w/right-side vents?!

salishsongApril 22, 2012

Well, I'm completely humbled by the search for a new washer and dryer. First it was the size - my laundry room is quite small. Now I discover that it's hard to find a gas dryer which can vent from the right side. Had to find that out the painful way...finding the dryer standing in the middle of the tiny room, plumber gone, vent hooked up from the back and taking up a quarter of the poor room's width.

I did clarify specifically that this would be a right-vent dryer with the salesperson. Well, the dryer COULD be right-venting...if it were electric. The salespeople at my HD were great about it though, and will take the set back with no problem. They do not, as they and I discovered, have any gas dryers that can be right-venting.

Any suggestions on right-venting gas dryers? The Whirlpool Duets, at least some of them, say they're 'four-way venting', but they don't specify that the right side is one of those four ways, or if that specifically applies to gas as well as electric.

Tomorrow, I can start calling the companies directly. But I thought there might be some insight on here to get me moving forward today....

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Try these...(link provided).
Hope that can lead you in the right direction (no pun).

Here is a link that might be useful: Dryer Venting Side Help

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Miele T 9822 gas dryer has back, left and right-side outlets.They provide two caps (shipped on the left and right sides); simply unscrew and relocate the cap needed to be moved to change duct outlet.

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I think there are a number of dryers that can be vented to the side. Check closely whether the gas model places any additional restrictions on the vent options.

Speed Queen sells a side vent kit for their dryers, but you can only vent to the right (viewed facing the machine) for their gas models. The burner is in the way for left venting.

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No wonder the salesperson didnt understand. Home Depot appliance salesman aren't of the caliber of say, someone working at Pacific Sales. I've had a few conversations with a couple of HD appliance guys. Very underwhelming.

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Thanks, all. The Mieles sound wonderful, but they're out of my price range. That's interesting about the Speed Queen, but their front loading washer is too expensive for me. Whirlpool seems clear that the Duets I'm considering will vent through the right side, so that's probably what I'll end up with.

Dave, my Home Depot has landed (probably due to the economy) some terrific plumbers and electricians, people who really know their stuff and have been very helpful throughout our DIY build. But I agree, the appliance people are just that -- salespeople, and not particularly knowledgeable.

Live and learn! So many opportunities for that this year. For instance, who would have thought that a water heater would be shipped with the drain valve in the open position? It certainly never occurred to our plumber...!

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