Swanstone veritas 17' laundry sink? Other options?

jem199April 28, 2010

Right now we have side-by-side front loading washer & dryer with a small deep utility sink to the far right. All three sit in a closet. DH and I are installing a laminate counter over the washer and dryer and would like a drop-in sink so we can put shelving under the sink. We only have 22" of space between the dryer and the wall so found the Swanstone veritas sink to fit the space and it can be dropped into the counter.

I have a large double-bin utility sink in our basement, so this wouldn't be the only utility sink in the house. We have a clay/particle trap installed in the basement sink for crafts/pottery/planting (there are grow lights in that room for starting vegetable seeds).

I'm just wondering if anyone has this sink and how they like it. Or if anyone has other sink ideas for me.



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Can't speak to particular layout for your purposes. Can speak to quality of Swanstone. Replaced old kitchen sink with Swanstone product about 15 years ago. It has been attractive, durable, trouble-free.

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Jem, Did you ever get your Fire & Ice installed ? I may have a source for the garnet tiles you were looking for. I was going to email you, but you do not have email ability set up on your 'my page' (click on mine and you will see that you can send an email to me thru gardenweb without being able to see my email address). I hope you come back to this thread and see this reply.

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