Armstrong Cabinets, anyone?

pajamanycJanuary 28, 2010

We're considering Armstrong cherry shaker cabinets and would like to know if anyone has any first-hand experience with Armstrong. Any idea where they rank in terms of quality? I can't seem to find any reviews on this site or any others from anyone who has purchased them. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Our builder carries two cabinet lines, Armstrong and Merillat. After
looking at both lines, we were turned off by Armstrong's rougher
appearance. The finishings (stains, glazes, woodwork), are sorely
lacking, and the choices are limited.

We've asked around, and the consensus from people in the industry
is that while improved over the past couple of years, Armstrong still
has a long way to go before it can compete in the semi-custom
cabinet market.

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darbuka - Thanks for the feedback. We hope to see a sample door before making any decisions and we will certainly take into consideration your comments. We have Thomasville now, which we have been very pleased with. I wouldn't want to take a step down in terms of quality.

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darbuka are in NYC? There is an Armstrong distributor on LI, in
Farmingdale, where you can see several styles set up in kitchen settings.
You'll get a good idea of overall quality if you go. It's worth the trip.

Waving to you from the North Shore, Nassau County!

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I visited their showroom and I wasn't impressed - they seemed builder grade to me, but I could have been having a bad day? I think they'd be a step down from the Thomasville though.

They used them on an episode of Spice up my Kitchen (which is where I first saw them) and the looked really nice on the show...

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forgot to add - the showroom is just over the outerbridge from staten island in the woodbridge/perth amboy area - if you're in SI, it's a pretty quick trip.

In fairness, I think they'd just opened and they weren't all spiffy and that may have influenced my thinking.

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darbuka - Thanks! We are in Manhattan and without a car, so it would probably be difficult to get out to Farmingdale. But agree that seeing them in person is worth going out of our way, so I'll see if we can find them in one of the 5 boros and if not, we'll try to get out to Farmingdale.

annie.zz - Thank you too! I've never seen Spice Up My Kitchen, but maybe I can find it. I've heard there is a big kitchen distributor place in Amboy, NJ. I bet it's the same one you are referring to. Either way, we'll make sure to see them in person before deciding. Appreciate the info.

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The LI showroom has been open quite a while, with clean, active displays.
No matter how you cut it, Armstrong just isn't a well-finsished product.

Even if Armstrong is what fits one's budget, there are better options.

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darbuka might be worth renting a car for a day. You might also
want to check out Consumers Kitchens and Baths, a chain of cabinet
showrooms. They carry 6 cabinet lines. We purchased our Kraft Maid
cabs from them for our first kitchen redo, and were very pleased.
CK&B has 5 locations on LI, the closet to you being in Franklin Square.

Good luck...and glad I could help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumers Kitchens & Baths

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I meant 'closest', not 'closet', of course!

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darbuka - I think the reason why our contractor is recommending Armstrong (and a few others such as Hanssem) is because the cabinets only require 4 weeks lead time and we are under a tight time-frame for completion. Otherwise, I would certainly look into other options, including Kraftmaid, Thomasville, etc. which typically take more like 6 weeks, I believe. Anyway, I'll be sure to see the options in person before making a decision. Thanks again!

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I considered Armstrong cabinets because they had rec'd JD Power awards. They were also very reasonable in price. However, while I found a style I really liked, I didn't find a finish in maple that I liked. I agree with prior comment about limited finishes.

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I purchased a set of cabinets from Ipex Home Supply (8825 Tonnelle Ave, North Bergen, NJ), an official dealer of Armstrong, at the price of $4,300. The quality was astonishingly poor with deformed doors and damages on the back of the cabinets, among many others. The dealer has been repeatedly telling us that the cabinets were made in USA but the label on the box delivered to my house says "assembled in USA with foreign components". Responding to our inquiry, the dealer said foreign components could be one screw from outside the USA. I am very upset with the cabinets and do not know what to do with a dealer who refused to help. I am going through the lengthy process of complaining through the Division of Consumer Affairs. I wish I had never made this purchase.

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Thank you Chris, NYC for sharing! I will stay away from Armstrong Cabinets.

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