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simplelifemeApril 30, 2014

Had an 8 yr TL Kenmore Super Capacity (appx 3.2 cubic feet) that I inherited with the home I purchased. It recently needed a part and my nephew did the repair. I began noticing my clothes were left with more wetness and figured I'd purchase a new one before this became costly.
My nephew stated to buy simple - no costly circuit boards.

I researched for about 6 weeks and found the horror stories of FL and HE machines of years past. I was also aware that maybe these companies have addressed the problems and now they are improved. However, only time will tell and I didn't want to take the chance.

The many, many positive reviews of SQ TL washers is what sold me. I have only had it 2 weeks, but here's the pro's:

1. Wash almost twice as much in one load and all gets cleans (almost same capacity as older Kenmore TL)

2. Drying time is lessened (although not by much, perhaps 10-15 min).

3. Wash cycle is about 15 min less than old TL and clothes are cleaner.

4. Dried clothes are softer (probably bc it rinses out the soap suds?).

So far, I'm in love! Will update at 6months.

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Welcome ! Also a very satisfied Speed Queen customer here.
Had my set over a year now and they are chugging away doing what they are designed to do without any song and dance.
Like you I had a Kenmore super capacity washer a few years ago also. Though I wasn't very impressed with the washing performance of this machine. Seemed it was leaving oil spots on clothes.
I have used several washers over the years and IMHO I think the Speed Queen I have now is better than all of them. Not one unbalanced load yet that ever banged the cabinet. Such a steady spin and no noticeable vibration.
Great wash action and clean clothes all in about 1/2 an hr.
Thank the Lord for these.

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The softness of the clothes is the biggest difference we noticed and we don't use LFS. Our drying times increased, however, since our previous machine was a WP FL. All in all, extremely happy with the SQ.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Which Speed Queen model did you get?

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The model I purchased was the middle of the three top loaders; model awn 432. Wanted a model that had the auto 2nd rinse switch.

For about 50 dollars more I could have went with the awn 542 with fabric/speed selector but didn't really have a need for it. Quite satisfied as is.

The best thing though is with any of the three agitator models you choose you will get the same outstanding warranty which is found in no other make.

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We purchased the awn432 earlier this year after our 3 and a half year old Cabrio literally fell apart and couldn't be happier.

I really like the fact that not only are my cloths cleaner, but take less time to wash then they did with the Whirlpool. I also like the fact that I pick a wash temperature, select the cycle, turn it on and walk away. No having to push this button, that button and then wait for almost an hour for laundry to be done.

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The Maytag Bravos I ditched after 2 years; it became too problematic. The machine would go into a drain mode when it was supposed to start washing.

This Bravos was the x model and wasn't one of the more expensive direct drive units; which is what I wanted, but couldn't afford the unit with water temp heater/booster.

In march 2013 went and bought the SQ washer and one month later the dryer. Both have performed flawless so far. Amazing what we take for granted in simple things that make life easier.

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FYI - purchased model 412. So far - I treasure our new little family jewel (it's really a workhorse!).
Just finished washing queen size cotton quilt bedspread (not thick). I literally sat by my SQ TL to make sure no overloading issues occurred. I was ready to stop my machine if needed & finish by hand. This machine handled it fine. No shaking. It spun dry just like my regular loads. I did increase water level for both washing and rinsing.
I would not do this regularly, but man-0-man this machine handled it beautifully.
BTW - a friend called while I was sitting by my SQ TL and informed me that her 10 day old LG FL washer was leaking. I didn't have the heart to tell her what job my little workhorse was performing. Really feel bad for her.

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Ok, we just bought a WP Cabrio 2 days ago and want to return and hopefully exchange for a SQ. Cabrio is leaving sludge and lint all over dark colored clothing, very gross,,, never saw this before with any other washer. We only used 1 TB detergent like the salesman said would prevent this..grrr. Anyway,,, I was hesitant to go back to an agitator because the Maytag Neptune TL was super gentle and got the stains out,,,,, Is the SQ TL gentle,,, not wearing out towels etc, and can I safely wash a queen sized comforter or sleeping bag in one of these?

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Depending on what kind of detergent is involved, how large is the load and soil level, and what are your local water conditions ... 1 tablespoon of detergent may not be enough, unless perhaps you're using a 3x liquid.

Proper detergent concentration in the wash water can be a factor in helping flush lint away.

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Hi Dadoes, wanted to know what would be a good gauge of detergent use if you don't know the hardness of your water? Enough so the water is slippery ?

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While waiting for Dadoes, I'll throw in my 2cents. I judge by how the water feels. With my water about a quarter cup is enough to make it feel slippery, for smaller loads about half that. I use a coffee measure to measure.

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I just use the scoop that came with the box of detergent; its just that the directions are pretty vague about proper dosage.
I'll have to experiment with just enough detergent so I get a clear first rinse.

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"Slippery" wash water is a starting point to indicate the water is conditioned enough to keep lint suspended for flushing away. However, there's more to consider. Mechanically softened water at 0 grains hardness doesn't take much detergent to attain slipperiness. Sufficient concentration of enzymes, bleaches, and other cleaning agents to deal with stains and soiling is also a factor in washing performance and is not confirmed by slipperiness.

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Thanks Dadoes. Washing 2 pairs of jeans now in the SQ with some A&H detergent (powder). Lots of water rocking and powerful turbulance with only 2 pairs of jeans. I noticed bulky items will cause a lot of water drama in this machine.
All the things I liked about belt drive washers from my youth.

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This is just a thank you to the laundry room forum for their valuable input re top loading washers. After our four year old Fsher Paykel died, (before that had a Kenmore that lasted over twenty years and it was used when we received it) I was at a loss as to what to purchase. Most brands/models seemed to have many unhappy users. But Speed Queen users convinced me and I'm so happy for their input. LOVE the short cycle and my clothes are CLEAN. it may use a bit more energy but if you factor in what it costs to have buy a new washer every few years because of electronic issues, SQ comes out ahead.

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I only heard about Speed Queen two days ago and I'm already an owner of a TL one.

We've had a Frigidaire for about 7 years, we never had any repair issues with it but every now and then my wife and I would see little holes in our clothes. At first we never really questioned it, then we figured well maybe it's bugs, maybe zippers from other clothes, maybe the seatbelt in our car, etc.. etc...

Then the problem seemed to go away only to re-appear, maybe there's a loose screw in the washing machine, nope.

Again, we kind of forgot about the issue and/or holes were not occurring anymore.

Fast forward to present time and we have a newborn in the picture, most of her outfits have holes in them after washing them. That was the last straw, my wife (and I wish we would have done this many years ago) started looking online for "holes in clothes" only to find out that these stupid FL machines have a knack the world over to putting holes into everyone's clothes when thin materials get into the holes of the tub.

So we decided we're going TL, I went to the appliance store where we recently bought all our kitchen appliances from and who for the most part only carry European and American solid made appliances (lots of help also over in the appliance forum of GW) and told them we're looking for a TL washer. He showed me the Speed Queen and said you won't be disappointed, I said let me look into it. We looked at a ton of reviews two nights ago and were immediately sold, I purchased it yesterday and we'll have it on Monday. I can't wait for "no more holes". I wish we would have cut our losses years ago as my wife has probably thrown away a decent amount of her work clothes over the years.

I'm looking forward to the Speed Queen and hoping that it comes as advertised by all these reviews on here and other sites.

These FL washers are BS.

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omega 73 keep us posted on how you like the machine.

I have no complaints about mine at all.

And it's not just the Front Loaders that have problems. We had a top loading Cabrio that literally came apart. When they hauled that piece of junk out of the laundry room, there were two large pieces of plastic on the floor. It was only 3 1/2 years old. Repairman tried to persuade me "to give Whirlpool another chance" but I said forget that.

I love the fact that my wash day is cut in half now with the SQ and the clothes come out cleaner and not plastered to the drum.

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I think if Whirlpool had stayed with the direct drive washers, I would have probably got another one of them instead of the Speed Queen.
But after having the Speed Queen pair now for over a year, I would have not gone back to those choppy dual action agitators.
These SQ washers are so reminiscent of the old bd washers of the past that are sadly only a memory now.

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Front load washers are not BS. I have been using them since the 90s and have had 4 different brands. And no, it's not because they died, they were in different houses. I did LESS maintenance than one is supposed to with these washers, yet I never had trouble with bad smells, catastrophic part failures, or holes in clothes. Actually, they have been much more gentle on my clothes than any top loader ever was. I'm not saying all front loaders are good; there have been and there are crappy ones out there, just like crappy top loaders (Amanatags, anyone?). And there can be lemons, just like anything else. But they are a proven technology. Don't forget that in many parts of the world, there are no top loaders. Do you really think Europeans walk around everywhere with holes in their clothes?

Out of all the machines I've had, my favorite is the Speed Queen front loader. I rarely see that talked about here. Probably because it is very expensive. But, know that if you are willing to pay for it, you CAN get a machine built well like the SQ TL but with none of the downsides of top loaders.

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The U.S. has always had front load washers; since the very first fully automatic washer was a front loader by Bendix in the 1930's.

Many americans act like this is some whiz bang new technology.As if flers were a new invention. We are a fickle bunch. We had Westinghouse for decades.

Somehow offering special cycles on these newer machines must make them operate better,...that or the shiny new colors they come in,..or it could be the little songs they play.

Nothing will ever again be like the washers I knew and grew up with. These are not MAJOR appliances anymore but disposable commodities. The Speed Queen set I have now comes the closest to the old WP/KM, Maytags,GEs..etc;

From what I understand there are changes coming to SQ top load washer in the next couple of years also.
Why cant people leave well enough alone already.

The Lord is in control of all things,...yes and even where the water falls.

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Guess I answered my own question. For years consumer reports rated tl washers cleaning better than fl washers.

Now within the last decade, fl washers are the new darlings and tl washers are poor at cleaning. Nonsense!

Clothes can only get so clean, and there are stains that no detergent or washer can ever fully get out, top load or front load.

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Yeah I would have to agree with you re: cleaning ability. I like front loaders better than top loaders for other reasons, but I have never observed that they clean better. The classic style top loaders clean just as well in my experience. HOWEVER, they may be comparing them to HE top loaders, in which case I would not be surprised that front loaders cleaned better. I've never understood how the HE top loaders could get clothes clean with no agitator, and everyone I know who owns one hates it. I also don't get the point of them. If you want high efficiency, go front load. If you want standard efficiency, go top load. Keep it simple!

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