Furnace: Bryant vs. York

mreenrnAugust 14, 2014

We just moved into our house and have to replace the 15 y/o Heil 100K BTU furnace due to a cracked heat exchanger. Our current AC a 9-10yr old Bryant Puron 3 ton condenser (I think-the sticker has faded), media cabinet is Space-Gard and the humidifier is a Skuttle. Our A/C works great. We have been told the furnace at 100K BTU was too big for the house.

Specs: We live in middle of MI in a 2500 sq ft house build in 1999, with good insulation, 2x6 walls, new high grade vinyl windows going in this fall, a never to be finished full basement and an upstairs that is only used sporadically. We don't use the A/C very much- maybe 2-3 weeks tops per year.

Our quotes are from 2 very reputable businesses with great installation reviews:

Bryant 986TB with Connex stat (non wifi) 4000
Bryant 925TA 3450
Standard 10yr parts/1 yr labor warranty
Waiting on clarification from dealer: 80K or 100K BTU and stat make/model for the 925TA

York TM9V-080B12 3500
Lifetime warranty on heat exchanger
10yrs parts
10 yr labor (York promotion)
Waiting on clarification from dealer on the stat make/model

All qualify for the same amount of rebate from our electric/gas company. Since we don't use our A/C much and humidity isn't a daily concern here, I'm thinking the Bryant 986 might be overkill. The price difference is negligible so what would be the better unit? The Bryant 925TA with ECM motor or the York TM9V with the variable speed?

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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What thermostat with the Bryant 925 and York furnace were quoted?

Needs a true two stage thermostat.

Willing to bet it wasn't quoted.

While I like the VS blowers, just on brand I prefer Bryant same as Carrier over York.


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Ok-I finally have some answers!
The Bryant dealer is recommending a singe stage stat for the 925T 2 stage furnace. When I pressed the issue he gave a somewhat garbled answer saying that the 100K BTU 925T is a 'bridge' funace between a single stage and the two stage 986 w/Connex communicating 2 stage stat. That sounds kind of fuzzy to me...

The York dealer gave me the original quote over the phone with me doing all the duct/vent counting and measuring and said he 'doesn't even need to see the house' ! I considered the quote only because of the variable speed blower but then common sense told me if to mark him off the list.

We live in an area of MI that doesn't have very much selection for HVAC companies.

We would like to stay w/Bryant since we already have a 7 yr old bryant a/c. We just aren't sure what would suit our needs the best. If we go with a 925T is there a particular 2 stage thermostat we should be requesting be installed? Or upgrade to the 986 Furnace with Connex stat? Neither of these stats would communicate with our existing A/C or humidifier.
Thanks for any help-

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Your Bryant dealer is ignorant or is totally misleading you. I would send him packing. Before you do that though, what thermostat does York dealer intend to use?

From the website, the recommended control for 925T Bryant furnace is Performance⢠Edgeî relative humidity thermidistat.


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