FL cycle lengths (Samsung / LG / Whirlpool)

sean_mApril 29, 2014

Could owners of Samsung / LG / Whirlpool FL washers kindly post what some of the cycle times are?

For some reason all 3 of these manufacturers don't seem to post these in their manuals. I'm spoiled by Bosch and the other European manufacturers having a nice chart of this.

I'm replacing a FriGEmore washer for my mother and know she absolutely hates my Danby & Bosch cycle lengths.


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I have a samsung... here are a few of my cycle times without added rinses or upping the level of dirtiness.
my normal cycle is about 57 minutes
sanitize is about 2 hours and 10 min
quick wash is 30 min
deep steam is about 1 hour 30 min
There are a few others but I rarely use them so Im not sure how long the cycles are

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LG gives cycle times in at least some manuals.

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I am afraid that your question has no answer. All modern washing machines have internal electronics with computer calculations that are more powerful than the computers that guided Apollo 11 to the moon landing in 1969.

We have a Samsunfg '419 washing machine. I have programmed -- the key word is "programmed" as opposed to "set" -- the Sanitize setting on our washing machine to do max everything: hottest water wash, warm rinse, extra rinse, high spin, etc. When I turn the dial to Sanitize and push the button to start the cycle, the timer on the screen says 2:32. But once the washer starts the cycle, it calculates the size of the load, and it "thinks." And, although the estimated time on the screen never goes higher, if I come back two hours, 32 minutes, later, the washing machine more often than not is still in progress, with minutes to go.

It works the other way, too: sometimes the washer finishes much short of the time predicted when I start the cycle.

So the answer of your question is, "It depends."

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