A must read free Kindle book about cooking

nandinaMay 24, 2012

At the moment a book titled CHEFFIN' by

Brenden Cronin is on the free list. An excellent read. All about food, plenty of tips and cooking ideas. Stock the fridge before reading as your stomach will be grumbling.

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Thanks....It's mine now....all mine!!!!!

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Thanks! I will start reading tonight.

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Thanks! I downloaded it to my computer.

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I found it... but for 9.95 :-(

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Me too. I don't see any 'borrow for free' label.


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Sorry that the free opportunity to read this book is over. They come and go in a day or two. Do you all make a computer search daily for ...ereaderiq....? This is where to find the free books. Click on the word "stars" and only the five star books will appear.

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Thanks for the heads up, Nandina. I do get daily emails from several sites with free books, but passed this one by because I didn't think it sounded interesting. But I downloaded it on your recommendation. However, I had already trashed the email, so just went to Amazon and under the "Books" heading, typed in the name. The Kindle version did not come up as free. Then I went to the Kindle store and typed in the book name. This time it came up as free and I snagged it. Just thought I'd share. Don't know why the discrepancy, but make sure you check under the Kindle Store heading, not just books.

And sometimes free books aren't even free for a whole day. Sometimes it's just hours. Gotta jump!

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Here's a site with some free books. Some are cookbooks, others novels. I downloaded the ones I wanted, and they are still up, and free.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free E-Books

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Thanks, I downloaded it to my iPad free yesterday. I really appreciated that you let us know. It will be great for reading on our trip to Oregon in a week.


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