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twlkp76August 11, 2012

I need to replace my 20 year-old, 4-ton heat pump. My local utility did a heat loss calculation for my home and says that I need a 3.5 ton heat pump with 12.5 kw heat strips.

This is the system suggested by a contractor.

Is this setup good, or should I ask for something else?


York Affinity series - Model # YZH04811C (4 ton)

Indoor unit Air handler - Model #MV20DN21C

Variable speed ECM motor 5 ton

Coil: Model # FC64D3XN1 - Full coil, 5 ton

TXV kit, electric heat kit (13kW)

Programmable Thermostat (York - YTHX9421R5051)

Honeywell RedLink Internet Gateway

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What size heat strip do you have now? 13 KW is a little light for a 4 ton especially during a defrost cycle to temper the air.

Looks like AHRI matching number #3540158.
Excellent performance/efficiency numbers across the board.

Has demand defrost which is great!


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Pacific coast. Fairly mild climate, temps running averaging between 37-76 through the year. Some years it does snow (occasionally over a foot). Temps have gotten to 0, but actually rarely get as low 10, and at the other end not very often are they over 90.

I wondered the same thing on the heat strips. I believe that I was told the power available for old strips was 20kw.

Is the thermostat one you are familiar with?


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I would want a 15 KW at the minimum staged in 5 KW increments or perhaps 2 7.5 KW strips. Discuss with dealer.

Thermostat mdl number looks like a HW VP IAQ model which is one of the best. Verify with dealer.


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Thank you very much for your help.

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