Baking soda and vinegar in wash?

fkbbApril 22, 2009

I keep my laundry routine as simple as possible -- I have the Kenmore HE 4t FL washer and dryer. I currently use liguid Tide HE and and throw a scoop of powdered OxiClean inside the machine for each load. Then put a dryer sheet in the dryer the with the dry cycle.

A friend recently mentioned that baking soda is much cheaper than OxiClean for getting clothes clean and bright. She suggested putting it in the "pre-wash" compartment in the washing machine dispenser. I've tried it a few times but occasionally it doesn't seem to dissolve.

My question is -- is it ok to use baking soda in the FL? Should I put it in the dispenser or right in the machine/tub? Is baking soda safe for all clothing or just certain types?

And then as far as the vinegar rinse -- how much vinegar and where do I put that?

I have several loads to do today and am eager to learn how to make these changes that will make my laundry cleaner and save money along the way. Thanks!

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Try this link out:

from the Duggar family on TV (18 kids and counting)..they use vinegar to rinse their clothes..she has a few recipes up.

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Just put the vinegar into the fabric softener dispenser. Usually about 1/4c. does the trick.


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I toss baking soda (when I use it) right in the washing drun prior to the clothes... I use it for help with cleaning but primarily for the septic system... it's suppose to help with the tank...

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I read the Duggar recipe before and my concern is that if they are actually using a 'soap' (as opposed to a 'detergent') then they are compromising the anti-flammability of their kids clothes. There was a thread about this a while back that got a bit heated at the end (see below), but in general it is my understanding that synthetic detergents (not soaps) are a requirement to keep the anti-flammability in place.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous discussion wrt. soap vs. detergent

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To reply to the main question on the thread -- we switched to vinegar a while back (stopping even the ~occasional~ use of fabric softener) and not only has mine and my son's skin improved, but the hard-water scale deposits on the drum of our washer have slowly gone away and it is now as shiny as the day we bought it.

I've never liked the dryer sheets myself, but I do like the Dryer Max (?) balls to keep the last bit of static down during drying.

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When I used a homemade laundry soap mixtures in the past (I've used it longer than the Duggers have been around - off and on since the 1980's - and in one episode of the Duggers I noticed giant bottles of TIDE in use..... I guess that episode was brought to us by TIDE - LOL). I also used vinegar in each rinse to aid in removing the soap residue.

Since switching to Charlie's Soap, I only put vinegar in the rinse for kitchen towels and bath towels since they may have soap residue from use and the vinegar rinse would aid in removing any soap left. I probably don't need vinegar at all, but when we got new water hoses for our F/P, I asked if there was anything I could do to help prevent repairs and they said to use vinegar in the rinse. Then he explained what part it would help (but I don't remember now what it was). So I continue to add vinegar to those two loads.

I never use fabric softeners - sheets or liquids. Even dried on a line our clothes and towels are soft.

Just an FYI moment concerning using the homemade mixtures (bar soap, washing soda, borax, etc...). Soap WILL build-up on your clothes after a period of time, especially if you have hard water. This build-up will cause fabric to deteriorate. Homemade soap mixtures don't work effectively in cold water (detergent manufacturers and care labels define cold water as 80-85°F - our cold water from the tap is currantly 62°F). Whites will start to look gray.


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OxiClean is made by Arm & Hammer
It contains more than just "baking soda"
OxiClean link

I use 1 cup of vinegar in the F/S Dispenser Drawer in my LG washer.
link: ReaderÂs Digest vinegar in the washing machine

link: Will Original Pine-Sol® Brand Cleaner help to clean greasy work clothes? the Clorox Company

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