Hole by AC drain- weird one!!

palmsatlastAugust 4, 2012

This morning we discovered a foot diameter hole next to our drip pipe by the AC unit. It was full of water and it first appeared to be a broken pipe blow out as there was dirt and mud all over the AC unit and the area. However, I also notice that the hole was steep and undisturbed on the house side, and sort of shallow with what appeared to be claw marks on the other, suggesting that some animal had dug the hole. Also there was no mud splattered on the steep side of the hole. The house was almost completely clean. The trajectory was clearly toward the shallow side.

To deepen the mystery, we bailed out the water, and dug about another 18 inches along the house where we found the surface to be undermined. We dug the hole (now 1 ft by 2.5 ft) completely dry and found no pipe nor anymore water, just a big dry hole.

All plumbing in the house and the irrigation works just fine.

We think this occurred last night as my husband thinks he would have noticed it when he mowed yesterday.

Here is my theory as we have no other possible idea.

I think the ground had probably been undermined all along and filled with water from the constant draining of the AC. (Florida -10 months of AC) and a thirsty wild animal came along during the night looking for a drink and dug the hole.

Although we live in a suburb, there are plenty of wild critters around. I saw a coyote wander up the middle of our street one night last year.

So, tell me... am I crazy? If I am, does anyone have another explanation?

At this point, we have found nothing to fix, so I guess we'll just fill in the hole and wait for the next exciting episode.

Any ideas??


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If I understand correctly your drip irrigation has a hole next to it? Drip line is always needing maintenance because critters are constatnly chewing on it looking for water. As far as you AC condensation line you must ALWAYS route the drain AWAY from the house. You would be surprised at the amount of water these units will put out and the resulting problems that can occur.

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Does your AC condensate line come from a pump?

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Thanks for both responses. I think we will definitely be doing some modifications to prevent the water collection. Who would have guessed that much water would come out of that little drip. I don't think it is a pump, just a drainline that routes from the unit in the garage to the outside. We have filled in the hole and will probably extend the line next weekend.



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