thanks for all your help

beaglencApril 24, 2013

I took the plunge and got the Speed Queen 542 and matching gas dryer. Towels are softer and sheets are softer w/o fabric softener. Have only done a few loads, will comment more after I've used it more. It's interesting, asked the delivery guy if they sold many SQ's and he said they sell a lot of them, have trouble keeping them in stock. Anyway, I so far love my set. And Alex you rock!!

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We purchased our SQ set last Nov., we love our set. They are good machines at very affordable price point.

Yes, Speed Queen is getting more and more popular.

When our previous wash machine had problems, we started looking for a new washer and dryer. At the time there were only a handful stores carried SQ. We had to drive half an hour to the nearest one that is a shop specialized in 2nd hand appliances in a rundown neighborhood.

6 months later when we purchased our SQ set, we noticed a lot more stores carrying SQ. We purchased ours from an appliance store down the street. They carry brands like Wolf, Subzero, Miele, Thermador. ...etc.

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Congrats on the new W&D! The SQs have a big following.

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Thank You! :-D

Hope you'll enjoy your set for a long time!

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I love my washer too!!! I dont have the dryer though, but I love how the lint cant get past the filter like on every other dryer I see out there. It cant go through the cracks, cause there are none.

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I know what you mean gates, I had to dig lint out of my bosch dryer all the time. I have used the FL for so long, I'm almost having to learn how to use the TL all over again. LOL Have I said how much I love my washer??:)

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Hi can you wash comforters in it?

Have a kid who is potty training and constantly used my GE Harmony to wash blankets. Now that it is in a coma, the blankets are piling up

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Depends on the size.

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen Washer - Full Size Comforter

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I have a king size comforter, that has the same thickness as the one in the video above, and I can wash it in my washer, but anything else thicker is a no no.

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That video was very helpful. Thank you.

Gates my comforters are mostly like that. Interesting. I had been leaning toward the Electrolux but will have to reconsider the Speed Queen

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