Carrier 25VNA w/Greenspeed

CharlyBobAugust 16, 2011

I am planning to replace electric baseboard heat and window A/C in my 1826 Sq. Ft., one story dwelling, with the Carrier unit. Installed price is $17,900.00 before rebates. Carrier 25VNA036 Heat pump, FE4ANF0003 coil + 20 KW heat strips, Infinity air purifier, 10 supply ducts, 4 return ducts (metal, sealed and wrapped, Wiring to outdoor and attic unit, Secondary drain pan, 10 year parts and labor warranty. This is the "latest and greatest" product, so I understand that the price will be "premium", but is this a fair price for the product and the amount of work involved in the installation ?

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What is your location?

What is electric rate?


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Ohio - Electric Rate .067 KWH

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I am not a Carrier dealer I am a Trane Dealer but based on what i have heard from my competitors and the premium for the greenspeed that price seems about right. The greenspeed system has me a little "green" with envy that system looks amazing I can't wait to see one running and I can't wait until my manufacturer has something to compete with it. Frigidaire also makes a fully invertor driven heat pump that has been out much longer but i think the Carrier is a better product and is a higher HSPF(heating efficiency)

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A couple of ideas.

You are going to save a great deal of money on heating with a high eff heat pump system replacing baseboard electric heat.

I looked at the AhRI HP directory and I would prefer the 005 air handler to the 003 mdl quoted. I don't understand the large 20 KW heat strip. I would want about a 15 KW size and make certain it was staged. 15 KW yields about 51 KBTUs. Keep in mind , you will have about 31 KBTUs at 17 degree with the Greenspeed system.

Before I made this decision, I would get a price on a more conventional HP system like Trane and make a comparison to the Greenspeed to see if the price difference was worth it.

Dealer will remove the baseboard heating or are you leaving it in place? Is Carrier dealer including the Infinity controller as well as whole house air filter cabinet?


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Infinity Control included. I will ask about the air handler. I have quotes from Carrier ( 25VNA036 - 25HNA936 - 25HPA536 ) , Trane (XL16i ) and York (YZH36 ). All quotes inclued electronic air cleaner. Trane is the lowest price, York in the middle and Carrier has the highest prices. I fear electric prices "going through the roof" if the present EPA folks have their way and I want to make sure I have the most energy efficient HVAC system.

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Sounds like you have done your research.

If the system difference was $5-6 K difference, then I'm not certain the Greenspeed would be worth the difference. Only you could determine that.

The 005 Infinity air handler is a much better choice than the 003 mainly due to HSPF efficiency.

A staged 15 KW heat strip is the most you need. And it must be staged.


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The system difference between 25VNA036 and 25HNA936 is $ 1,845.00.....Trane is $11,400.00....York is $ 13,300.00..
Carrier 25HNA936 is $15,055.00 and 25VNA036 is $ 16,600.00.
I read a lot of complaints about Trane, York appears to be a good unit, but dealer has one service truck, and that makes me unsure as to whether he can service the product.
My brother-in-law has had Carrier Performance HP for several years, and is very happy with the unit and service by the dealer. I just want to do this right, the first time.

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Just wondering if you chose the Greenspeed? How is the system is working? Have you noticed a savings in utility bills? Hope you got the 005 air handler. I just placed an order for the Carrier Greenspeed 3 ton with the 005 air handler.

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Well, I am 5 months into the Greenspeed. The first three months electric usage was down from 8,550 KWH to 6,538 KWH, but then it got cold over the last two months, but rvrn with that, I have lowered KWK 1,698 over the five months. I did find that the Infinity thermostat is smarter than I am. I has it set for 74 degrees, but have lowered it to 71 degrees and we are comfortable. I'll know what the lower accomplished in a few days. I will never have a "normal" electric bill because I have a mother-in-law suite for my disabled daughter and have three refrigerators and two electric water heaters and a daughter that takes 20 minute HOT showers. Because of the heat pump, I no longer have the "cold spots" because the air handler is moving the air. I think that it will take a 12 month comparison before you can really make a determination as to how well the system works and since the electric increased from 6.7 to 7.4 per KWH any savings will be reduced.

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My 5 ton 25VNA was installed in late december last year. I used a Hybrid Heat gas furnace, the 97% efficient one for back-up. I had my balance point set to 33F. House is multiple zones, 4500ft2. Area is pacific NW.

Gas usage went from an avg of 7 therms/day to 1.7 therms/day. Most of the baseline gas usage (1.2 therms) is that used for water heating.

kwh usage was actually flat. But that was due to electricity efficiency changes that were made the same time: timers on water feature pumps (shutting them down at night), photo-sensors controlling landscaping lights, switch to LED lighting throughout home (inside and out), among other changes. After winter passed into summer, I saw kwh/day drop from 98 to 79. So I think that difference represents the incremental increase in electricity usage due to HP operation: 19 kwh/heating day.

At my rates for electricity, the HP cost per winter month was $62. At my natural gas rate per therm, the gas cost reduction per month was $166. So that's a net reduction of $100/month for heating expense per heating month. And we have about 6 of those per year.

One note about the numbers: our gas rates were basically at record lows. They were 30 to 40% less than that typical of previous years.

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