Dandelion jelly.......

momj47May 4, 2014

Kind of different, I think it has kind of an earthy taste (not much), even with 4 cups of sugar, it's not as sweet as the violet jelly.

Same recipe, though. Jelly is so easy to make, and people seem to like it better than jam.

My DD got some strawberry butter on a trip recently, and we really like that, so I guess we'll be making fruit butter this summer - strawberry and peach are the obvious ones. And.....you can make them in a slow cooker!

Next lilacs

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Out of curiosity, does it taste anything like dandelion tea? I rather like the flavor of dandelion tea, although I don't sweeten it. -Grainlady

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I've never had dandelion tea, I'll have to make some and let you know.

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I have fond memories of dandelion flowers as one of the cash crops of my youth. My cousins and I would be paid a dime a basket for them by our grandfather, who used the flowers for making a golden dandelion wine. I can post the recipe if anyone would like to try it.

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And lilac jelly, which is golden. Not sure why, but the color in the petals is completely gone into the infusion.

I like the violet best.

The honeysuckle are just about to bloom.

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It's certainly interesting and very pretty, but I think I'm picking up on your lack of enthusiasm for the taste. :) I love doing cooking or craft experiments with things from the yard or gardens. I tried yet another version of 'candied violets' the other day... they're currently drying and look ok so far...

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Yes, the violet jelly has a distinctive taste, the others not so much, even though lilacs certainly have a distinctive fragrance.

I'm curious to see what honeysuckle will be like - probably not much color, but taste?

The kids and I wanted to candy some violets - but our lawn guy mowed them all. Next spring.

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I made lilac ice cream.

Will post later.


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That sounds delightful

A wonderful light springtime treat at a restaurant, even

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