What He Detergents do you all like

mike_73April 6, 2011

Ok I just ordered my Samsung VTR steam washer to replace my broken Fridgidaire this weekend. I like that machine over a top loader but I am hoping the Samsung will clean even better. I have been using Ecos from Sam's club because it was cheap and didn't seem to bother my ex BF's skin. I was using Ariel on whites and anything heavly soiled before he moved in and I miss that and my whites being bright. now That he left I want my whites bright again but not sure if I want to order soap online again and Ariel was not a true HE washing powder.... I will if I have too buy online.

What are you all using now. I picked up some Borax and Gain HE powder at Target today. I know Borax is a good booster and water softener, How good is Gain? I have never used it. I don't like the smell of tide, I won't pay the $$ for that even if it is the best its too strong. Not that Ariel wasn't but I liked that smell.

Has anyone Tried Earth Choice Biolaundry Advanced enzime? Sam's had that now in place of Ecos for $8.65 a gallon. I called the company and they say it's ok for HE washers. Just use about 1-2oz per load for a home unit. seems cheap per use.

so what other stuff is out there that I should try? Keep in mind I am not going to likely to like anything that leaves a strong perfume smell.

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I've been using Gain HE powder for some while, works nicely for me. It is somewhat strongly scented, so seems surprising you chose it. I also use Gain HE liquid (and now Stain Spectrum which is labeled HE-compatible). And Tide Coldwater HE liquid.

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I couldn't realy get an Idea of how it smelled by sniffing the box much. it didn't seem so strong so maybe I'm in for it when I open the box. I did like Ariel and thats a strong one too but not so perfume and flowery smelling. I tried Tide Cold water years ago when it came out. I got a sample, used half in my front loader and it wss suds city. I had to run a whole cycle with no soap to rinse it good. the clothes were clean and fresh though. I did not know that they made an HE version now and had not seen it in the store. I have to see what I thing of the gain when I get the new washer.

Seems to that there are very few HE powders, Actually there are few powders these days overall than there used to be. It seems liquid is the thing they want us to buy.

I would like to get back tou using Borax but putting it in the wash. I have not had good results with it and liquid detergent in the dispensor tray, it works best with a powder detergant.

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I like Sears Ultra Plus powder detergent. It's HE and has almost no scent (I use the one in the green and orange box but they also make a version that is free of dyes and perfumes). The Sears detergent cleans well and rinses well. The only complaint I have is that I noticed some fading of dark colors (especially my husbands polo shirts - he wears a lot of black, burgundy, etc.). So now I use Vaska on these and the Sears powder on everything else.

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For dazzling whites...Persil Universal powder or Persil Universal gel. They smell SO good...clean and very old fashioned!!

Many, many people can safely (with very little sudsing) use Tide with Bleach Powder. Works great and smells so clean too. Not perfumey or sweet!!

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For a less costly alternative to Persil, try the Tide HE w/ Bleach liquid. Tide liquid contains a larger variety of enzymes than Tide powdered products. This should result in better cleaning with the liquids. For even better results with mixed loads, towels and beddings I would recommend Vaska. It cleans relatively well, is natural and has received the EPA's highest rating, and leaves your clothes very soft without the need for fabric softener. I've tried a lot of green and natural products, and this one is by far the best.

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Thanks... So far of the ones mentioned I have tried Sears...That is pretty good, you have to buy a ton at a time and it does fade darks some but cleaned and rinsed good. Tide well I think Tide is over priced and I didn't care for the send of it but its been a long time since I bought it.

What is this Vaska and where do you buy that?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have a Samsung VRT set and I use the Sears HE powder detergent and the Purex Crystals in the blue bottle, works perfectly for us. Very light clean scent. I prefer to not use any liquid products in mine other than bleach on occasion. Towels and clothes come out soft.
That combo in my Samsung and my clothes come out very clean with no soap residue at all.
The Sears powder comes with a little scoop perfect for front loaders, I use one scoop for a full load and 1/2 scoop for a small load, add the crystals right in with the detergent.

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Vaska is a liquid plant derived detergent. I get mine at Target (separate natural cleaners section, not laundry detergent section). Actually, I just stopped at Target today and got a large 64 load bottle for $11.99 (reg. price $13.99 but all bottles have $2 off coupon on them). My Target has only the unscented variety but even that variety has a nice subtle lavender/herbal scent.

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We use BioKleen (or Bi-O-Kleen) All Temperature Citrus Laundry Liquid; it is HE 3x, hypo-allergenic, and cleans as well as any detergent we have used. We use it with a scoop of borax, wash in warm, and rinse cold. We have no connection with the maker, but here is the company site: http://biokleenhome.com/products/household/laundry

Here is a link that might be useful: User reviews at amazon.com

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I have three products that I like the best, First is persil for whites, coming in second, and to be honest I cant see a cleaning difference in my whites is Tide HE with bleach orginal scent, it is just very clean smelling and a lot cheaper than the persil. I LOVE Tide total care, the renewing rain scent smells much better after it is used than right out of the bottle, second is gain, not because of the cleaning ability, but the scent(s) I like them at first, but then either I dont like them later or or get tired of them. In fact, today on my way home, I stopped off and bought Gain floral fussion, and found Tide total care in cool cotton. I will try these scents and see how I feel about them over time. Sounds strange but I like my towels and sheets to smell different than my clothes, especially the sheets. I feel tide and gain both clean equally well, gain being cheaper though. I have a feeling I will stick to total care and tide with bleach in the long run to be honest.

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I may try tide again next time. still curious about Vaska and bioKleen. Vaska is not sold at the Target stores in my town but Method is. Method seems pricey to me... the bottle is so small.

Anyhow still no washer yet. Tueday is the day its supposed to be delivered. The drity clothes are piling up and I waiting impatiently.

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Method is super concentrated. If you look at how many loads it does you'll see. They want their bottle to be so small. Less packaging is the idea.

I find Method cleans well but I really love VASKA. My friend just washed some new baby clothes today with it and ... "ahhhhh" so nice.

I wasn't a huge fan of BioKleen but I do love their Bac Out product for stains and odors.

I currently like Persil, Vaska, Method, Seventh Generation and Clorox Greenworks.

Anxious to get my hands on the new Seventh Generation powder and 4X liquid.

I have a Miele front loader.

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Livebetter, I've replied to your query in the 'Zum Clean...' thread. Sorry for taking so long

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mike_73, I meant to post that you should check out soap.com.

The have a current deal; 20% off your first order and free shipping on $25 or more.

Stock up on a few good ones. They carry Vaska, Tide, Method, Seventh Generation ... they carry tons!

rudin1969, thanks! I did see your reply. I'll post back.

Here is a link that might be useful: soap.com - laundry selection

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I love Era HE. I buy the 90 load size for around $10 and it lasts my family of two 6 months. Excellent price, nice light (non-overpowering) scent, and IMHO it cleans as well as Tide, Gain, or Cheer.

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For me, Tide works the best. I don't have to add anything to it to make it work. That's worth something.

I know that Tide reengineers things like scents every now and again. When is the last time you smelled it? I use the Tide HE with bleach, and while it does seem to have a scent, it is by no means overpowering and if it were, I'm sure one of the other Tide HE's would be fine.

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Tide HE with bleach is a nice clean non over powering scent. Works great, like all tide and Gain detergents. I too dont like to have to add additives to get my clothes clean, plus it can be too much to rinse out I have to admit, Era, and the new Wisk seem to work just as well, for a lot less money, but I favor the tide scent and I am not scent sensitive. What kills me is people will complain about a strong scented detergent, but yet wear a gallon of dime store perfume..WTH?

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tide he powder, aldi he liquid detergent, charlie's soap powder, method, seventh generation liquid, sears ultra plus powder, ecos, tide he with bleach liquid.

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Redstar - It has been over 10 years since I have used regular Tide. I did try the cold water when it first came out, I used half a sample in my old Frididaire FL. It was way too sudsy, but then it was not He then.

I got the Samsung VRT steam washer yesterday. I have done 5 loads in it so far and I don't think I have yet to get it completely full. Its going to take me time to get used to how much more it hold over the old 3.5 cu ft washer. Thats a good thing I think and I do like the machine very much. my stuff seems like its comming out cleaner and softer than before. One thing that is puzzing me is I can't really see the steam. the manual says you can't always see it and it may not steam the entire wash so it must be working. I have to try the deep steam cycle once and watch it.

I have had a chance to try the Gain I bought last week. Upon opening it my first impression was its a bit strong but not offensive just real strong on its own. After the wash and rinse the clothes smelled fine, nice and fresh too with a little hint of the downey too. Ok so I like it.

I got some coupons from Target today. My loacal store just remodeled so I got some reopening specials.... $1.00 off coupon for any tide and it was on markdown too. I chose Tide HE Free ColdWater. so going to give that a go in the next cold wash.

Livebetter - I am looking at Soap.com going to book mark that for later thanks

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mike_73, I too owned a 10 year old Frigidaire FL. I researched for months and ended up purchasing the Miele W4842/T9822 (my second choice was the LG WM3885). I would have considered Samsung but they do not make a gas dryer for the Canadian market.

What I've noticed is the Miele rinses WAY better than the old Frigidaire. I think this plays a big role in why things feel softer (and perhaps look brighter too??).

I have Tide Free HE Coldwater. I use it if I have some particularly stained/dirty things to wash. I like it. I really like Persil for stained things too but usually find the scent to overpowering. I like the Tide Free option.

I like to stick with "greener" options most of the time so I also use Vaska, Seventh Generation, Method and Clorox Greenworks. I'm a bit of a laundry product junkie ;)

I sure wish soap.com shipped to Canada - what a great site.

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I like these HE detergents:

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I like detergents that work, don't stink up my clothes, and hopefully won't give me cancer. In that vein, my current favorite is Vaska Herbatergent. It's not nuclear strength like Tide, but is sufficient for most everyday clothes, sheets and towels that are not exceptionally dirty. The way your clothes feel after washing in Vaska, however, makes it worth using over and over again. The softness and freshness achieved with Vaska cannot be matched by Tide, Persil, Charlie's Soap, Wisk, Bi-O-Kleen, Country Save, Method, or anything else I have on the shelf.

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drugstore.com finally had a special on shipping charges to Canada so I'll be back in Vaska soon :)

I love that stuff!

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HE: Liquid Tide w/ Febreze, Tide Total Care
HE: Powder: Tide w/Bleach, Tide Lavender (non HE though)
I match fabric softners to the Tide Febreze and I like Downy Mountain spring with Tide w/Bleach and the Lavender Tide.
I also add Borax to my wash to get them extra fresh smelling

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Vaska lover here too! I've used Charlies for years mostly because there wasn't a better alternative that didn't build up on my clothes or was full of known problem chemicals. Due to comments on this board, I tried Vaska. What a difference! I use the unscented, which is actually very lavender smelling when it goes in, but dried clothes smell perfectly fresh and clean. No smell at all. And the softness is amazing! I'm waiting to see if I end up with any build up or smelly washer issues, but nearly one bottle in, so far so good. I don't know what "herbatergent" is, but so far I love it!

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I have a Miele 1918, and I don't have the adapter for liquid detergent so I have to use powder. I use Persil, but I have also used regular old Cheer when I run out of Persil. The secret is just don't use as much. I use a coffee scoop and measure in tablespoons, very little detergent, either Persil or regular Cheer. I always add Boraxo or Borateem and when I get really stinky clothes like stinky t-shirts in the summer I use Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator. This product is hard to find, they carry it at Walmart sometimes, so when I see it I buy 2-3 bottles. I soak the smally parts (pits) directly in the Febreze and it works wonders if the shirt has not been dried.

I use fabric softener very sparingly and I rinse every load twice (not very eco friendly, but I really don't use much detergent, a box of Persil will last a year).

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Lately I've been using Kirkland Environmentally Friendly Laundry Detergent, and I like it very much. It has a nice lavender scent and it cleans really well and rinses nicely. Costco is currently offering a $2.50 coupon on this through May 8th. I think it brings the price down to about $10.50 for the 120 load liquid jug.

I also like Greenworks, Seventh Generation (both liquid and powder). I've also used regular Cheer powder (2 T dose) with good results.

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I had actually been using Sears HE powder but ran out and went to Sears and they were OUT.......So I ended up buying Gain HE powder.......and I dumped the box into the big Sears bucket.....I LOVE the smell of Gain.....It's a *clean* smell..Seems to do a good job. I think it's my favorite.

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Greenworks leaves this fakey, wannabe-soapy, sweet, lingering scent that reminds me of college laundry. I can't explain it, but to me it's not a pleasant scent. Not like Vaska, which makes me want to roll around in it... lol

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I do like the way Greenworks cleans. It seems to tackle my kids' laundry no problem.

I use mostly the unscented or 3/4 to 1/4 unscented and scented.

I'm not a fan of the regular scent either. Just a hint of it is OK.

I find with the unscented and my favourite Shaklee FS my laundry smells fresh and clean.

I LOVE Vaska too! My absolute fav for sheets and my laundry. I want to roll around in it too ;) I can't wait for my shipment to arrive.

I also added the Mrs. Meyers Geranium FS ... we'll see ... I'm not expecting I will love it but you never know.

I also ordered some Miele Care items today. I received $50 for free with my upgrade to the 10 year warranty. On Larsi's advice, I got the Delicates wash. We'll see ...

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Love Love LOVE Method! I have skin allergy issues and it is one of a few things that don't make me break out in hives. I can even use the fabric softener! It is a bit on the spendy side but it lasts a long time, specially cause I only use 2 pumps unless its a really dirty load, same with the FS only 2 pumps diluted with water 'cause I worry that it will leave spots on my clothes if I don't dilute.

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I went to my local Target yesterday and there are a lot of unadvertised "temporary price cuts" on the detergents we all like ;-) Green Works, Method and Vaska which typically are $13.99 are now $11.99, and Vaska bottles still have $2 off coupons on them, so basically you can get a 64 load bottle of Vaska for $9.99. Great price! My Target only carries unscented Vaska (which I really like as it still has a light pleasant scent).
I was actually looking at Seventh Generation detergents but a sniff test of the two varieties available at Target convinced me not to buy them. There is an underlying sour note in their scents that makes me think of underwashed laundry - ugh!

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I love the smell of original gain HE. nice clean and fresh. I tried the tide uncented clod water HE and that cleaned nice left only a little sent from the downey in there. I have the non HE Ariel which works fine too if you don't use too much.

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I like the Sears powder with softener- not to strong smelling and clothes come out clean and soft, but the darks do fade a bit.
Recently I tried Woolite Extra Dark Care along with Purex Crystals for my darks and have been very pleased.

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Seventh Generation brand, free & clear (scented are nice too, very subtle). Eco friendly / kosher certified

For my whites, I always use oxy clean in the pre wash or stain cycle.

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We've been liking the Sears Ultra Plus powder and sometimes the Costco Kirkland Liquid. Trying Method for towels and it seems to be leaving them soft. Want to try Vaska for towels based on the good feedback from here.

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I am regularly using Persil Universal Megaperls for whites, Tide HE w/ Bleach Alternative liquid for heavy duty cleaning, Green Works for most dark and colored loads, and Vaska on sheets, towels and delicates for its lovely softness. This way, not only am I targeting specific loads with a detergent that excels at cleaning that type of laundry, but I'm also mixing things up a bit to ensure my machine gets scrubbed clean by several different detergent types.

The last thing I want to do is commit to a single product and find out in a few months or years that it caused build-up and gave my machine a case of mold. This is just my own irrational fear that I'm pacifying in my own OCD way, but to each his own right?

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"The last thing I want to do is commit to a single product and find out in a few months or years that it caused build-up and gave my machine a case of mold. This is just my own irrational fear that I'm pacifying in my own OCD way, but to each his own right?"

I think it's a very rational approach... mainly because I am using the same one. (BuaHahahaaaa)

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That's what we do - rotate detergents. I do it with everything - dishwasher, washer, toothpaste, household cleaners, etc. One time we will buy detergent X, the next detergent Y, then Z, etc. Sometimes powers, sometimes liquids, etc.

I figure this way it will keep things clean and it worked for our previous LG's for 6 years - 2005-2011. Only thing that "killed" them was 3.5 ft of nasty sewer water in our basement.

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sshrivastava writes: "The last thing I want to do is commit to a single product and find out in a few months or years that it caused build-up and gave my machine a case of mold."

itguy08 writes: "That's what we do - rotate detergents."

We committed. For the past five years, at least, probably the past ten years, or twelve or 15, we have used only Biokleen All Temperature, supplemented with a bit of borax and, when appropriate, powdered oxygen bleach, in a front-loading Frigidaire branded Electrolux. Never a hint of build-up or mold. We see no downside at all from our commitment.

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I use Cheer HE Liquid. It has a Color Guard formula. Someone mentioned that some detergent faded their darks. I do not have many really dirty loads. If I do I use Tide HE liquid. I look for the original scent. I do not like the smell of Gain from the bottle. It gives me a headache. However, my son uses it & I don't notice the smell on the clothes when they are dry. I've never used any of the other ones mentioned. I have seen the Method, but none of the others.

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Any problems with that horrible moldy odor with Mrs. Meyers liquid in a FL? I was using liquid Tide He but my FL smelled moldy no matter how often I did the clean cycle - then once clean a few days later the odor was back. I switched to powder and no more moldy smell but have not found one I like. I loved original tide powder but the HE are not the same.

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I am loving Vaska again... :)

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Auntsis, I believe Tide With Bleach Alt. powder would be perfect for your clothes and your machine.

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Typically, I use Tide w/Bleach HE powder and Tide Coldwater HE liquid. I just bought a bottle of Wisk HE liquid a couple weeks ago, and it seems to be working well.

I also use Cheer powder; it isn't HE, but doesn't suds at all in my machine, which is a Whirlpool Cabrio.

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Persil Megaperls
Caldrea Palmarosa-Wild Mint or Sweet Pea
Perwoll Black
Perwoll Wool & Silk.

I have leftover TideHE for cleaning and dishcloths but find it too harsh on my regular laundry.

Have not been able to find one that covers everything I need to wash although I tried.

Last Spring I did a laundry soap test drive. Results are below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Testing 6 laundry soaps

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Ariel Doble Poder. 3 Tablespoons or Sears Scoop. I use it for our Color, and White Clothing. Always Hot Water.

Tide HE (Have a 5yr Supply, and trying to use it all up...) Mostly Darks, Warm Water.

Sears Powder (I really like this one for our sheets, and towels.. there noticeably cleaner then Tide.)
50cc, or 3 Tablespoons. Sanitary Cycle,

Suavitel, noticeably lasts longer then Downy for me. I really like it for our Towels & Linens.

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I use Purex, it is reasonable in cost and does a fine job on all the laundry.

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Vaska for ALL my laundry. Once in a while I'll use Arm & Hammer Free and then get all gumpy about the OBs. Never thought I'd get so OCD in my old age.

Cheer powder for spouse's darks and sometimes whites; it has protease for its enzyme, but the tradeoff is no OBs. Have to get back on GoodGuide.com to see how it is rated for Health. Keep changing my mind about this one.


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I am back to sears powder and Downey. I sometimes use purex liquid in things that need cold wash in the winter because the water seems very cold. I do use the steam more than I ever thought I would and mostly wash clothes I'm warm since that's the coolest wash you can add steam to. I can't believe I had the machine over 2 years already and this thread is still going too

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