Huge New LG 29''w FL Washer and Dryer

lee676April 11, 2012

Has anyone seen these yet? LG showed these at CES earlier this year - a whopping 5.0 cu.ft. FL washer and 9.0 cu.ft. dryer that are 29" wide, over 32" deep, and almost 41" high (with 14" pedestals available). LG says the washer is based on an entirely new Titan platform, and has a largest-ever door opening, twin water fill sprays, and a high-pressure atomizing rince spray that runs during agitation and draining to save time. There seems to be blue LED interior lighting. Both washer and dryer have the steam feature. White or silver, about $1,400 for the washer.

Now if they'd only make a 240v washer/dryer combo version, they'd have the ultimate laundry machine and sell gazillions of them.....

WM8000HWA/VA - white/silver washer

DLEX8000W/V - white/silver electric dryer

DLGX8001W/V - white/silver gas dryer

WDPSW/V - white/silver pedestal

KSTK2 - stacking kit

Here is a link that might be useful: LG Titan washer on Amazon

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I think I'll pass on LG.
I wonder if it will explode like the top load WaveForce washers (that they claim is due to the fault of the user).

I would still go with Electrolux over LG.

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georgect: LOL!!!! I'm a little suspect of LG too. :)

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Yeah, I posted about these some weeks ago. Kenmore also has these spray features on two washers plus some videos on The Kenmore version is missing the actual steam generator and rather uses the regular heating element underneath the drum.

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