Smell of burning plastic

andi2928April 13, 2014

I have a samsung 419 washer... I washed a load of whites using the sanitize cycle tonight and about an hour or so into the 2.5 hour cycle my house was filled with the smell of either burning plastic or rubber. After some sniffing around, I realized it was coming from the washer. It was trying to spin and making an awkward clicking sound that I don't recall it ever making and on top of that, I had quite some difficulty opening the door. The boot seal seems to have become warped somehow and has bunched up in several places. It was pretty late so I just turned it off and went to bed. A little while later I hear noise in the laundry room and found the washer off (no lights, no nothing) but still trying to drain and spin! Where in the world do I even begin to troubleshoot? Does any of this sound like a good enough reason to toss the thing?

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Sounds like the party is over for your 419...

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Yeah... the set is going to the dump :-/

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What will them? If the dryer still works, why not sell/donate it?

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The dryer is having more problems than the washer

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