Cooling off a heated swimming pool room

fluffybunnysuiAugust 26, 2012

Here is what i have to work with. Brand spanking new hotel right in the middle of all this Eagle Ford Shale, been open less than 4 months. I didn't install their central units and they cant seem to find who the contractor was that did. No biggie. It's all Rheem equipment. I've been called out once already to replace a faulty air handler breaker on a 5 ton hallway unit. Now they are complaining that the giant room that has a full size heated swimming pool is in the 90's.I went out last week and found the outdoor fan motor was locked up. I replaced it with O.E.M. The manager called me yesterday and tells me the swimming pool room is staying at 87-90. They have a 7.5 ton all electric trying to cool this room thru only 10 - 12"x 12" 4 ways in the ceiling. They want to keep it at a constant 78 degrees. My load cal program doesn't allow me to adjust for that kind of heat load. I have an idea and wanted to run it past you guys before i dump too much time into this project.

I think i should figure the total amount of btu's of heat to remove to bring it down from 90 degrees to 78 degrees from just the water alone. So if 1btu is required to raise the temp 1 degree to 1 lb of water, then all i should need is to figure out the size of the pool (in gallons)... lets just say 20,000 gallons... then multiply that times the total degrees in drop i want. So 20,000 x 12 =240,000 btu's of heat removal or a 20 ton unit. What do you guys think? Am i way off? I know i have to figure the room but for now i want to stick with just the pool heat. Let me hear your thoughts please.

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What are you trying to maintain at 78 degrees?

Only the air in the room OR both the water and also the air?

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Trying to maintain room temperature. The pool is a heated pool. They want the pool to stay at mid 80's to low 90's.

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Well, your model has you cooling the pool with the a/c which is not what you want or need to do. Evaporation of the pool is also a big humidity load. In the end, the heat load of a pool shouldn't be that much but otherwise I can't help you.

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I would think the pool represents a big heat source. You have to calcualte how much heat is being put into the pool, and how much of that heat is transferred to the air.

For a quick approximation you can add the area of the pool to the outside wall area for the load calculation. If the outside design temperature and the temperature of the pool are both in the 90s should put you in ballpark unless I have overlooked something.

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I did overlook something. For the area of the pool the insulation value would be zero. If you can't enter zero, then use the smallest insulation value allowed.

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