Price Check on Rheem

mapr34August 12, 2011

Looking at replacing my central a/c and furnace

Got this quote from a reputable installer


A/C - 4ton 13AJM48

Furnace - 100btu RGPS-10EBRGR

Coil - RCFL-HM4821

Digital thermostat

Price quote: $5700

Any thoughts on the quote?

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A basic low end 13 SEER AC condenser paired with an 80% eff sgl stage furnace with conventional blower.

Pricing varies depending on your location and competitive forces at work.

If this was my home, I would explore better alternatives in the Rheem line.


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I know it is a basic low end system. I am in the process of moving out and dont want to spend a lot on a high-end system.

How does the price look for the Philadelphia area?


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This is a sgl family home that will become a rental or is it being sold?

What is warranty for this system?

Post back.


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for $5700 you should be able to get a 95% 2 stage furnace with conventional blower and a 14/15 seer A/C. Tell the installer you want more for your money at $5700.

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