Replacing Asko set from 2000?

janeannechovyApril 20, 2012

So, our washer motor just died, for the second time. We have a W620 and T760 purchased in the summer of 2000. The washer motor was replaced in January 2008, just over four years ago. The washer has had no other service calls. The dryer has had lots of service calls, for belts and rollers, and repeated issues relating to lint buildup on the heating elements, which were helped by replacing, finally, last year, the heating elements themselves and the entire lint filter assembly from the inside of the door.

So now, rather than sink another several hundred dollars into an almost-twelve-year-old set, we're seriously considering buying a new set. They are housed in a closet on the second floor designed to hold a stacked European-size set. The closet is wired for 220, and has both hot and cold water hookups (though of course only the cold is currently in use).

What I like about the washer? The high temp and high spin speed. Other than not lasting as long as I would have liked, I have no complaints about this washer's performance. I love the mechanical controls, and not being limited to preset cycles. I usually wash whites, sheets and towels at 160, but occasionally run things even hotter (though I'm careful with underwear--even if it's white the high temps turn the synthetics in the waistbands gray).

By contrast, there's not that much I like about the dryer. We weren't able to get one with mechanical controls (unlike a previous set we'd used in a rental unit), which I would have preferred. The lint filter assembly seems to be chronically leaky, leading to lint buildup around the heating elements (which even caught fire once! when a technician was troubleshooting and running the machine with the door open). Also, I'm pretty sure the drum only rotates in one direction, because sheets get hopelessly tangled and have to be unwrapped and run through another cycle.

So, what machines can I get that will be just like my current washer in terms of size and features (mechanical controls, internal heater, high spin speed), not so much like my current dryer (better lint trapping design, reversing drum rotation, mechanical controls), and more reliable? Are there any?

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Well, I think you have three options. You may not get everything on your wish list but...

Bosch Axxis



IMO,in that order.

You may want to peruse the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I question that the motor has died, both times. It is usually just the carbon motor brushes, repairmen are clueless, motors rarely fail

My Asko set is from 1995, three years ago the motor quit, it was the brushes
which cost me $15.00 from ASko and ten minutes to install.

My sister has a 1999 Asko Set, her motor quit and repairman said it needed new motor, I told her how to replace the brushes and that is all it was.

I have seen this with Mieles also, most expensive Vacuums are junked just
because they need inexpensive motor brushes.

I have been very happy with my Askos for 17 years, I just replaced the Dryer
belt last month. Brushes for the washer motor and dryer belt are the only
repairs that have been required.

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I wish it were just the brushes--the repairman said that was the first thing he checked. The motor rotates on slow, but not any faster. :( He also admitted that the second motor should not have quit after only four years.

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So Miele doesn't have 220 machines any more? Does that limit their wash temps?

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So Miele doesn't have 220 machines any more?

Not in the USA.

Does that limit their wash temps?

Yes, Max temp is 158 degrees F.

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Oh, and I got the estimate from the repair company. It's the motor *windings* that are bad, and it would be nearly $500 to replace. Sigh.

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I have 2 Asko sets. One is 15 yrs old, the second set is 2 yrs old. My older set allows for total customization for temp. The newer set has 85, 105, 120, 140 & 205 as my only temperature options. The new set has been really dumbed down.

The AJMadison website is great for comparing models and features. Blomberg, Bosch, Asko and Fagor all make 220v washers. I love my washers but agree that the dryers are not equal. Can an Asko washer be plugged into a Bosch dryer?

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I have a 2004 Asko set in our house and so far, fingers crossed, no repairs. But it doesn't work on the hand wash or delicate cycles. Controller board works in their lab, just not in my house.

In 08 I bought a Bosch Axxis set with a condenser dryer as it went into a closet in our then apartment. It didn't go to 205 and had presets -- initially annoying vs Asko -- but I was able to call and get the temps for each setting so I knew where I was.

It had a sanitary (160 if I recall) but it did an excellent job. The drum also was larger than the Asko. These machines were made in Germany. I preferred the Bosch dryer to the Asko (so so at best and the balling up is completely annoying as the center of a fitted sheet comes out damp).

I was able to compare the performance of the two sets for almost 2 years and if I had to replace the Asko, I'd go with Bosch or Miele.

You could take a look.

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I looked at both in the store today, and ultimately ended up with the Asko (though I had been leaning Bosch) because max wash temp listed was only 161, and I didn't like being limited to present cycles. And the manual didn't tout a reversing-direction dryer as a feature (which you would think they would, if they actually had it!--I guess the Miele is the only one?), and the greater capacity wasn't enough to overcome these deficits. Maybe next time I'll get the Bosch. :)

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Which Asko did you buy, and how do you like it?

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