Please help with washer repair

rogerv_gwApril 24, 2011

I have a 10-year old Fridgemore front loader washing machine. One of my family members put the detergent in the fabric softener part of the drawer instead of the detergent part of the drawer, and now the fabric softener part of the drawer doesn't drain anymore. It's full of diluted fabric softener (if I put fabric softener in, or water if I don't), when the wash is done. Before this happened, the fabric softener part of the drawer was empty when the wash was done.

I'm hoping that there's something that I could put in the fabric softener partition in the drawer that would clean out whatever is plugged up. Since I don't know how the stuff is dispensed from the drawer, I don't know what happened, but I was thinking I might run a few washes with something like Tang or lemon juice or something in place of fabric softener that would unplug whatever is clogged up.

Any ideas? I know that there are people out there that know a lot about repairing washing machines, so I'm hoping that there might be some help for this one.

Pretty stupid, but that's life.

Thanks much.


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You might try distilled water and do some quick washes. It is only about 75 cents a gallon. After water I'd suggest some liquid cleaners like CLR to better dissolve the detergent. You may have a fine seive like screen that has the detergent stuck in the holes. That will just take a lot of runs to get it dissolved. Don't add fabric softener untill you see the water leave the dispenser.

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I think I might have gotten it fixed...found an article on the internet about taking out the drawer and then the fabric softener insert and be sure that the hole through the support post for the insert is clear. Found a bunch of gunk there that looked like it might have been clogging that hole and removed it. Then I ran a "short wash" with vinegar in the fabric softener partition, and it was empty at the end of the wash. A good sign.

Anyways, sometimes things are easier than they look *smile*.

By the way, I'd be really happy to find something to use that helps with wrinkling that isn't fabric softener. That stuff is really gunky and provides food for mildew and mold behind the drawer. I clean that part out periodically with a bleach solution, and leave the drawer ajar between washes (other people in my family forget to do this, though). But it would be really nice to find an alternative to fabric softener.



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