LG Electric Dryers, no heat? Try this first...

littlejaApril 1, 2006

I own an LG Electric Dryer model DLE0332W.

My story: Last weekend I notice my clothes were not drying, still cold and damp after about 20 minutes of use. Uhhh great! My warranty had already expired and this dryer was only 2 years old". I called LG Customer Service to schedule an appointment with a general serviceman in my area. He came out and took nearly every aspect of this machine apart which seam to me like he had no idea what he was doing. I heard banging!?! I thought to myself," where not building bird houses, this is a machine, screws and clips, no banging needed, please be gentle? He finishes up what he was doing about 45 mins later this was his conclusion...

Serviceman: The part you need is a heat regulator and its going to run you about $20 and the labor charge for that is between $140 and $160

Me: Gosh for a $20 part thatÂs a bit much for labor charge!

Serviceman: The part will take about a month to receive. ItÂll have to ship from Korea, it takes time getting here and LG doesn't rush things so don't be to impatient, they don't care.

Me: A whole Month!!!

Serviceman: Hey, I donÂt recommend doing this but if you canÂt wait that long I can rig it to work by bi-passing the regulator and it will work for the time being, just donÂt leave clothes in it while your not home, this part protects your dryer from overheating and could catch fire if your not monitoring it.

Me: No, letÂs not do that please!...

By this point I thought, "Thank you so much for your waste of my time, get out of my house, but instead I cordially get rid of him and thought to myself this is just outrageous! I did some online research and called LGÂs 800 number again and found out they have a parts dept. and their headquarters is located in the same state I live in. The part was in stock and could be delivered overnight if requested. The price of the Thermostat Regulator Assembly I needed was only $10.19. You can install this part in about 5 minutes without taking a single panel off. For this model just slide out the main exhaust tube from the rear of the dryer, "one screw holds that in." Look into the hole to the left and you will see the Heater Unit right within reach. There are two sensors attached to this unit each with a red and a white wire clamped to them. The Heat Regulator is the one on the right. That is the $10.19 part you should replace. This part looks to have two soldered attached "L" brackets that hold it back from the heater unit. LG stated this faults out to protect your heater element from burning up and it did just what it was designed to do. So donÂt get scammed like I almost did, try replacing this part first. It could save you time and money. The cause of all this wasnÂt the performance of LGÂs Dryer, it was my lack of ensuring the exhaust ducts were thoroughly free of lint buildup, this caused the dryer to overheat. I am not certain but I can imagine most LG Electric Dryer models may relate similar to this...

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WOW..Thanks for the info.. I have a Duet pair for slightly over a year now....They both work but I have read where alot of people have had their dryers go out. Why are these newer dryers going out I wonder. It seems that I read alot about it after the owners have them a couple of years.

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I own LG DLE8377WM electric dryer and...


You saved my butt er. Thanksgiving weekend and no dryer�URGH! And it was my fault too. I was using the wrong kind of exhaust vent. The screen was behind the little door (flapper). It would fill up and kill the dryer. So I went to Home Depot and got the right one. Anyway, the part # for the safety thermostat on my LG DLE8377 was 6931EL3003D and it is called the "THERMOSTAT ASSEMBLY". LG is very afraid of homeowners getting into the electrics. So I told them I was a technician when I ordered the part. I found a helpful website. it has the complete service manuals for LG's dryers and washers. Thanks again.

Here is a link that might be useful: service manuals

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I wonder if the original sevice tech (who I agree was a putz) got paid for his length and apparently-correct diagnostic work... - DR

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Urgh.. that should have been "...his length of service time..." :-( - DR

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littleja & pcnerdman
You are BOTH Steely-Eyed Missle Men!
Same symptoms, and sure enough, the doggone sensor was the problem. The ducting was installed with foil tube (not by me!), which is inappropriate as we now know.
Was starting Warranty call before I saw your post - you saved me some $$ and time!

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We own a LG DLE8377 and I think we have roller issues...shoe in dryer syndrome! pcnerdman mentioned service manuals, specifically for this dryer. I went to the website and was unable to get to the directory mentioned. Would anyone have the pdf and be kind enough to send it to me?

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zone5_f16~ Try doing a search in this forum for "Service Manual". I would guess that will come up w/ something. I also tried the link & couldn't get it to work. But, I remember finding the manuals to my w/d on here somewhere, just can't remember where... Anyway, the search should help you.

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i have this same model DLE0332W and i have replaced that part 3 times the first time it work one load the second time it work for 1 month and the third time it work one load please help

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Anyone know the part number for the "Thermostat Regulator Assembly" for the DLE0332W.

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I have the same problem. Guess I will call LG tomorrow and order the thermostat.

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I had a problem with my red light lint sensor blinking and the dryer would not come on. After doing all the obvious trouble shooting, I relunctantly called 770-465-2762, an Atlanta appliance contractor. I was the lucky one. He told me that the LG DLE 0442 W did not like dryer sheets and that they caused a build up on the sensor which is located at the bottom of the lint screen housing on the inside of the dryer. He suggested wiping down those small metal arcs with alcohol to remove build up. I did and the dryer is working again after months of frustration, so in this day and age, thanks to the honest guy for the suggestion, I would call him again if I ever have an appliance problem.

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littleja your post saved me big bucks. My dryer had the same problem and after reading your post I repaired it for $11.58 and 20 minutes of my time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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