Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo Recommendations Needed

varaonaidApril 26, 2011


We're about to move into an apartment without washer/dryer hookups and the thought of going to a laundromat is more than I can take. :)

We used to have an Equator EZ1500 and it worked well for about 1.5 years, then it wouldn't dry. We tried to have it serviced and no one could get parts from the company or could service it. So we ended up with a GE frontload washer/dryer that's side by side or stackable.

It seems a lot has changed since we owned the EZ1500 in the ventless washer/dryer combo market and LG has really taken the lead. I hear several people don't like LG on these forums but the reviews for the all in one units seem to be good. Seems like the alternatives are Haier or ???. Any suggestions on where to start looking? Any recommendations on brand or model number. These forums were invaluable when I first got into the all in one system...and I still say they're responsible for turning me into somewhat of a "laundromaniac". A title I bear proudly. :)

Any advice would be uber appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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LG's WM3987 is the only full-size (27"w) combo W/D sold in the U.S.; fortunately it's a good one, (4.2 cu.ft. capacity, 1200 RPM spin, heats water up to 158F, has separate prewash/main wash/fabric softener/bleach dispensers). Several manufacturers sell shallower 24"w washer/dryers, but LG's WM3455 is probably the best, although it's rather pricey. It has 2.7 cu.ft. capacity, 1300 rpm spin, heats water to 158F, though lacks a separate bleach compartment. Looks to have a big door opening for a compact washer, though I haven't seen one IRL.

Both of these run on 120V/15A, which means slow water heating and even slower drying, but also that it will plug into your apartment's nearby outlet if it isn't wired for 240V and may be advantageous if you're not allowed to add a 240V circuit.

Fagor's FAS 3612 is a considerably less expensive choice, and faster because it runs on 240v power.

Asko seems to have dropped their combo W/D, and the Eurotech clone thereof isn't sold anymore either. These had a poor rep for reliability anyway; they were made by a different branch of the company than other Asko laundry machines.

Avoid anything that doesn't heat the wash water.

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Thanks so much for the info. It's sad that the options for washer/dryer combos have gotten less rather than more choice. However, I was most interested in one of the two LG's anyway so it was REALLY encouraging to hear that they are pretty good. As I said, I had an equator before but it died and service was impossible so I'm a little leery of smaller, unknown brands. I haven't been able to get in to measure yet, but I'm really hoping the larger LG will fit. The price seems better for what you get and the idea of a large drum would be wonderful. Keeping fingers crossed...

Thanks again for the info!

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