Graff Bollero finish damage when uninstalled

fishymomJanuary 26, 2014

We uninstalled our Graff Bollero faucet yesterday to get ready for the granite guy and the finish is peeling off around the base. The faucet was installed 5 years ago and has been wiped clean with a microfiber towel, no abrasives or harsh chemicals. Would you consider this a defect? The faucets carries a lifetime warranty on the finish, in your opinion should uninstalling the faucet void the warranty on the finish? Thanks!

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1. Yes.
2. No.

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Thank you again Trebuchet, I will be calling them in the morning!

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Sorry to hear of your faucet problems, fishymom, but glad you have a lifetime warranty. I wonder why that happened...will be interesting to hear if Customer Svc has any suggestions. Hope it gets resolved easily and quickly!

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I am a bit disappointed at the response I have received from Graff so far. I spoke with someone in tech support this morning who asked me to send pictures but said it looked like the damage was caused by the uninstall. While taking better pictures of the damage to send them, I found four more areas where chipping has occurred. I would not have even noticed these smaller chips if I hadn't been looking because of the damage at the base, but they are on the handle, the area where the handle extends from the base, on the pullout and the area where the pullout comes out. This picture of the handle chips is the best photo I could get of the smaller chips. I sent them 6 photos and told them that I believe there is a defect in the finish since there is damage in several different areas, so we will see what happens. The funny thing is, my husband just threw the box for the faucet away a couple of months ago. It had been up in the attic for 5 years, Murphy's Law, lol!

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I'm wondering how they justified that the uninstall caused the damage. Does their warranty specify that uninstalling a faucet voids the warranty?

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The guy said that if anything metal, such as a putty knife or similar tool, was used around the base to release the silicone or putty during the uninstall, that voids the warranty because you are never supposed to use metal against metal. Apparently you are just supposed to yank the sucker out! I don't know if anything metal was used or not, but that is what he said would cause that degree of chipping, but that doesn't explain the other multiple chips. I have not heard anything back from my email, will be calling them again I the morning.

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