How tall is your toe kick area?

quiltgirlJanuary 31, 2013

Am doing a furniture base in most of kitchen and wondering how high I should make the toe kick area. What size is yours? Pictures?

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3.5" which is just fine. 4" is standard and I read that this newly augmented standard is a function of needing space to allow for new, thicker workboots. Dunno if that's true, but there aren't any workboots in my household and quite frankly, even if there were, the 3.5" would accommodate them anyway. I don't know why they're made so big, just cuts down on cabinet space, seems to me.

Do a google search on this topic, there have been many discussions of it.

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I am not having a toe kick space, but would like a furniture base around the bottom of the cabinets. Do you think 3 1/2" high is adequate for that kind of look?

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I am doing 4.5" so my Dyson will fit under the toe kick.

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4 and 4 1/2 are the most common toe spaces. Have uused 3 1/2 baseboard with closed toe space , better with 4.

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Molly Phillips

Stupid question alert: if you do a 4.5" toe kick, doesn't that make the base cabinet, thus the counter, higher? Is that part of the consideration as well?

I'd like to raise up our base cabinets a little since I'm 5'9 and DH is 6'3 but I was afraid it would look weird since we have on order already regular base cabinet sizes.

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Quiltgirl- do you have a photo of an example of a toe kick space with a furniture base above? I thought a furniture base meant that there was no toe kick area...not sure exactly what you mean.

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Lovetodream- if cabinet height remains the same with both,door height changes. To raise cabinets shim up, get taller toe cover, and get baseboard for end of run cabinet unless you added toe space to side.
Laura technically you are correct. No toe space but would still have a toe height specked, just as flush or closed.

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a great idea is to put in toe kick drawers. Good use of otherwise wasted space.

Here is a link that might be useful: toe kick drawer

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Laura 517, here is a picture of what I intend to do with my toe kick area. I know you can use it for storage, but at this stage of my life I don't want to bend down that far so mine is purely for looks. This base looks a little high and I am guessing it it a good 5-6 inches. Mine will be 4 inches high.

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