Electric Heat Pump

emaemesAugust 16, 2012

I just bought 2 bed 2 bath apt. with an electric heat pump in the unit....Also, air conditions....New building...

Apt. is all electric, no gas....My question is, will my electric bills be very high....The apartment has two exposures, east and south...and there is a very tall ceiling in the bedroom....I'm just out of New York City...

Just wondering......

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Your choice of fuel for a forced air system is just about non existent.

You might want to post brand and model numbers of both outside condenser and inside air handler. Most units installed in new building are usually low end.

I would want to know size of system and size of backup heat strip.

To your questions depends a great deal on your electric rate and if utility offers any special incentive for all electric heating.


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Electricity rates in and near the New York City area are the highest in the country. Prepare yourself for a high electricity bill.

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I am not in condo yet....I did not put it in...There's one is every unit, in a utility room in the apartment.
Reading from the condo offering, it says it's an individual
split system..electric heat pump with back up electric coils sized per ny state energy code, etc. I think it's a Trane....Does that help....I've been in the apt. several times , and the thermostat is set on 73, and it's very comfortable in apt. and very even....I think I'm going to like it, but just wondering how expensive it is to run .

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Mdl numbers please of both inside air handler and outside condenser.


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The probably biggest thing you can help with is acclimate yourself to warmer temps in the summer and cooler temps in the winter. Going from 73 to 75 or 76 makes a noticeable difference. A decent thermostat that isn't all over the board on temp settings helps also. Back when I lived in an apartment eons ago the stat had a 6-7 degree temp swing and would overshoot so there was no comfortable setting. I purchased a digital stat and the maintenance guy installed it and dropped my bill in half without using setbacks.

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heat pump in a/c mode will cost the same as regular a/c.
the efficiency (SEER rating) of the unit will determine savings.

savings with heat pump is winter heating savings as
condensor reverses action and provides the bulk of heating
with electric strip heat as auxillary heat.

regular a/c with electric heat only is much more
expensive than heat pump.

electric strip is the most expnsive way to heat.

sealing duct and return leakage along with
house air infiltration will provide a good

best of luck.

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Thanks for the info......

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