please help select stacked washer/dryer

kateskourosMarch 25, 2010

hi. i was going to purchase the whirlpool sport duet stacked unit (WFW8300S/WGD8300S) but now i'm not so sure. thought i'd check out speed queen laundry centers but i'm not finding great reviews. does anyone have any suggestions on a stacked unit for a secondary (mudroom) laundry? it will be housed in a small closet and would love it if it were quiet and of course, does a fine job of cleaning. thanks for any help!

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You haven't indicated what your budget might be. While I'm a die-hard Miele appliance fan, and always recommend their laundry appliances before all others, they're at the very tippy-top of the cost probably not for everyone. (

Moving down a tier, I have several friends with Bosch Axxis laundry appliances and they have generally very good things to say about their experience. The Axxis line is a compact European-sized laundry pair, perfectly suited for a limited-space closet installation. If a dryer vent isn't possible, the Axxis line also includes a condenser dryer that performs just as well as a standard vented dryer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Axxis Laundry Appliances

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thank you, i realized after i posted i hadn't indicated a budget. i have the larger miele washer/dryer for the primary laundry and so wanted to get something a bit less, but very reliable. i was thinking of something from speed queen but was unsatisfied with reviews. i think the bosch set will work very well for the space and i really like the fact that the stack kit comes with a pull out shelf! thanks again for the suggestion!

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I'm in heaven with my Bosch Axxis pair, stacked in a closet in our apartment. Even with condenser dryer.

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thanks rococogurl. unfortunately there isn't a gas dryer available in the axxis line (i failed to mention my preference on that as well!) so i'm going with the 500 vision series. they look like a great pair as well. i think i'll be much happier with the bosch machines; thanks again.

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Just be aware that despite both of them share a Bosch label, they are two different animals. The Axxis are true european models sold everywhere (here called Logixx 8), while the Vision are sold (and probably also made) just in North America.

Now the Axxis are into their 2rd generation, so "youth flaws" have been already troubleshooted, while Vision are new products

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i wasn't aware of that. it's really a no-go for the axxis line without a gas dryer. it seems ridiculous that they wouldn't provide that option. i've really got to decide this week and refuse to spend money on a whirlpool product. everything i've had from them has been completely lackluster in performance.

maybe i should be looking as asko? what else is there without spending the extra $$$ for another set of miele's?

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I have had the Duet Sport 8500 set - now called the 9150, I think - for 4 years with no problems. Both pieces cost $1500 with ext warranty and delivery - a price I could not refuse. No way I would pay for the Miele - I am too cheap and have other priorities, like eating when I retire. I have the electric dryer, but gas is available. Washer has a heater and a usable set of cycles and options. Very happy with them.

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I have an Akso pair that I like very much though completely different from the Bosch and smaller capacity. Don't know about gas dryer with those. I would have gone for the Mieles but the door style didn't work in my closet.

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When you read reviews on machines, if the problems are mechanical failures thats one thing. If it is wash/rinse performance thats another thing. Keep in mind, most people coming from a traditional top loader have a learning curve to go through and since most people do not read an owners manual, they just load it up and wash, then complain. I am not trying to be rude here or condensening, but its a true fact. When I read reviews, I look for the mechanical failures, not owner failures due to washing the wrong clothes together, improper detergent types, or amounts, and or smell and mold issues. I do not think you would go wrong with the duet models, I do suggest the ones with the internal heater though as I would with any other manufactures FL washer

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thanks everyone. i appreciate the help. gates1: you don't sound rude at all. and i'll take your advice since i agree, most don't do so much as to even open the manuals before using a new appliance. i'm fanatic with mine as i have a binder specifically for owners manuals! there is nothing like having all your "stuff" in it's own place!

as it turns out the builder already ran the gas line to the closet and while we don't have to use it, i'm still stuck on the gas dryer as a necessity as long as we have the choice. i'm getting a decent price on the bosch set (all of our appliances are from one source which makes the pricing very competetive). i feel comfortable with the choice and by the specs they certainly appear as if they'll do the job. many thanks again!

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I am looking to buy a stacked washer and dryer but I have heard that they are smaller in capacity then the side by sides. I really don't want to trade down in capacity, but can use the extra space of stacking. Does anyone have any suggestions on a large capacity washer/dryer that can be stacked? I have top loading side by side now... so I would be switching to front loading if it's stacked. Thanks in advance!

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