Trane systems - XL20i vs XL19i and appropriate air handler?

wakkoAugust 26, 2011


So i've got a couple more quotes and now i think it will have to be an XL15i or an XL20i.

My question is what should the appropriate air handler be for both these systems? I was asking for a Hyperion air handler since it's newer but does the XL20i not communicate with the Hyperion Tam7?

Here is the quote before any rebates. A little higher than the other quotes i've been getting, but they're sealing the ductwork and installing 3 more returns and including the trane 10 year parts and labor warranty. and after the austin energy rebates the modifications will be free.

all for 4ton systems

XL15i - $10,007





XL20i- $11,657





A couple questions, are these fair prices? Are the air handlers adequate or should i be looking for the 4TEE-C handlers with the XL20i Quote and would this be more expensive? Should I ask for an XL19i quote instead of the 20i? Would the 20i save money in electricity compared to the XL15i due to the 2 compressors?

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On the XL15i configuration, that is not the best matching air handler. You want the same 7 series Hyperion model as quoted for the XL20i system.

On the XL20i configuration, that is a matching system. However, I see where dealer is quoting the 900 series communicating thermostat but not the "C" series communicating air handler. One of two things would have to
occur; change the thermostat or change the air handler.

If you are interested in controlling your operating costs in heating, then I recommend either the 7/12 KW or 10/15 KW. Two stg heat strip that Trane offers.

I would recommend a good whole house media cabinet like Trane's Perfect Fit.

Hard to say about prices without competitive quotes. And it is Trane and Trane dealers are very proud of that.

Savings with the 20i would be inconsequential. Comfort may be slightly better. Is that XL15i a two stg compressor? It may be. confirm with dealer.


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Would you recommend the 5" or the 1"?

I thought only the 5ton XL15i had the 2 stage compressor? I was being quoted for a 4ton, but i will confirm. In your opinion is the communicating 4TEEC worth it over the Hyperion?

the comparable quotes i've got for the XL15i have all been about $8-$8.5k without the extended 10 Year labor warranty or duct work sealing and air return installation.

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can i post messages

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As long as it's relevant to the OP.

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The TAM8 is the communicating Hyperion air handler.

4TWZ0048A1 with TAM8A0C48V41 matches up with the following ratings: 12 EER, 17.5 SEER, 9 HSPF.

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XL15i quoted was a single compressor

That doesn't look like a good EER. Is the TAM8 even out?

to get the rebate i'm looking for at least tier 2 to get a rebate, 15.0 SEER and 12.5 EER. Next tier up is 16.0 SEER, 13.0 EER, and after that is 17.5+ SEER, 13.5+ EER.

Also is the older 4TEEC communicating air handler a better matchup with the XL20i? What would the new #'s?

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On the XL20i configuration, the best performance/eff numbers listed on AHRI HP directory is matching AHRI ref #4385659,short both on cooling and heating BTUs.

Go to AHRI site

And yes I was referring to a 5" pleated box filter cabinet like Perfect Fit.


Here is a link that might be useful: AHRI HP Directory

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Thanks Tiger and Ryan. So in your opinions is the XL20i even worth the extra money over the XL15i?

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Well Ryan may have a different idea but you get more cooling and heating BTUs with the XL15i and the XL15i has about 4K more BTUs at 17 degree than the XL20i.

Either way I want one of the two stg heat strips that I listed in previous post plus a filter cabinet.

If you are worried about dehumidification in AC mode, then replace the
803 with HW VP IAQ stat.


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TAM = Time for Another may want to wait depending on your location. You will be hard pressed to get good feedback on this AHU in the Florida market.

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anyone one know when the tam8 is supposed to come out?

I did get another quote for a bryant evolution 16.

Would this bryant evolution be comparable to the XL15i? or XL20i?

if the contractor is quality what would be the better system? XL15i or this Bryant evolution? How does this compare to the XL15i and XL20i?

Condenser 286BNA048
Air Handler FE4AN(B,F)005
Aux Heat CE0501N08
Tstat SYS-UI
SEER 16.0
EER 12.6
HSPF 9.1
AHRI #3749068
$9,086 is this considered a good price compared to the xl20i and the xl15i?

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just a minor correction and apples to oranges comparison. it's actually 10k with the weatherization fixes.

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We will have the TAM8 installed with the Trane XL950 thermostat on Oct 4th.

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