Fennel pollen?

kimkaMay 7, 2013

A yahoo article was just extolling the wonderous flavor of fennel pollen, especially in olive oil for bread dipping.

I've never heard of it. Has anyone else? What does it taste like?

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It tastes like fennel seed only milder.

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I've heard of it, saw it someplace and it was $$$ but I figure I have fennel in the garden, perhaps I should work on "harvesting" the pollen!


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Yep, it's easy to get off of a fennel blossom. I haven't used it much, though - I just forget about it. I saw it used once a long time ago on an episode of Iron Chef where fennel was the featured ingredient.


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Yes..it tastes just like other forms of fennel. If you have any kind of fennel growing in your garden you just take the blooms and shake them upside down over a cookie sheet and let the golden pollen which falls off dry in the sun. I would just sub a pinch of ground fennel seed if a recipe called for it.

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Has a strong licorice smell, but doesn't taste strong. Is very expenisve to buy. Wonderful mixed with salt as well for a finishing salt.

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Coincidentally, I just saw this recipe using fennel plollen on TV today. I haven't tried fennel pollen but I often sprinkle crushed fennel seeds on pork before roasting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pork roast with fennel pollen

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