choosing an A/C installer - how?

behaviorkeltonAugust 1, 2011

I'm hoping that competent and honest A/C guys are easier to find than roofers!

In reading through this forum, I am noticing a lot of technical advice. I wonder if there are many a/c installers in this area that go through the care that the forum experts here in this forum take!

So, how do I go about finding an expert a/c person in my local area... one that knows how to do load calculations and the best/most efficient system for my situation?


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Neighbors, recommendations from people at work, friends, Angies...

I personally like to find a small shop where the owner is involved in the day to day operations including both service and new installs. Check how long they have been in business.


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Call your local distributor of 1 or 2 major brands and ask who they recommend.

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I followed the advice on this forum and others when building our house. I chose the installer that insisted on doing a load calculation on our square footage, the only mistake I made was using Goodman products. I usually never bash a product publicly but we have had two coils go out in two weeks and customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with.

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Ask if they are licensed. Ask if they stand by their work with a free labor warranty for say - 1 year, incase of problems.

Ask what brands they carry. Go with a brand you see others in your neighborhood having success with. There are good inexpensive brands out there that are quiet, efficient, long-lasting, & trouble-free. A nice efficient, reliable system doesn't have to cost a fortune. You can find good installers on variety of places. You see their vans driving around, parked at people's houses. I've found my installer on craigslist. He was licensed, experienced, reasonably priced, and did a great job.

It helps to be informed. Ask the installer if they run the vacuum down below 500 microns when cleaning the lineset. Ask the installer if they wrap wet towels next to area's when they are brazing/welding to prevent heat damage from high temperatures traveling.

Ask the installer if they build the lineset, then pressure check with nitrogen to ensure no leaks. When my installer put togethor my lineset he put the nitrogen to a pretty high pressure and measured the pressure. He returned the next day to measure the pressure, it was the same, which told him their is no leaks. He then did the long vacumm before releasing the refrigerent from the outdoor unit thru the lineset and indoor coil. Having a leak-free system from the start is important.

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