MR Direct International for sinks?

stei7141January 17, 2009

I have noticed that a few posters have written that they've gotten stainless steel sinks from MR Direct International. The MR Direct sinks seem to compare favorably to those at Galaxy Tool Supply in terms of specs and price. The prep sink I'm interested in is $149.00 at Galaxy and $59.00 at MR Direct. I understand that the Galaxy sink includes a strainer and grid, but I don't really care about those items for a prep sink. I'd appreciate it if those people who've gotten sinks from MR Direct could provide some additional comments re: their experience with the company and the sinks themselves. Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: MR International stainless sinks

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Those prices are amazing. That is cheaper than Lowe's or HD, and 16 gauge, where the bix box stores only go to 18 gauge. I also would be interested in the answer.

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MR Direct sinks are definitely comparable to the higher priced brands. I got a good, quality product and the sales rep was friendly and helpful. They are wholesalers that sell to the public as well as to granite guys and builders and such. I bought a bathroom sink and faucet from them last march and am extremely happy with them. Since then, I have referred 2 of my frinds to them for kitchen sinks and they were both very satisfied. In fact, I am starting to plan a re-do of my own kitchen soon and I will certainly call them for my kitchen sink and faucet as well. Here is the one that I am leaning toward.

Here is a link that might be useful: MR Direct stainless steel kitchen sink

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Thanks for the information, kristas1923. That's exactly the kind of response I was looking for. Lisa

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I hate to say it but I think Krista is related to MR direct in some way because she registered a few days ago and has posted on or about threads on MR Direct. I know nothing about this company but I smell something fishy. If I am incorrect, I will apologize but know that you are taking a risk buying this product.

My two cents!

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I ordered the half divide sink from MR Direct last month. It should be installed next week. The product is great and I had no problems with the purchase. In fact, the shipping was calculated incorrectly which I didn't even notice, and the company sent me an email the next day, apologizing for the mistake and corrected the amount charged to my credit card. I was very impressed with their honesty and service.

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I can understand your skepticism. I can assure you that I am not related to MR Direct. It's just that I was so excited to find them and get such a deal. I'm sorry but when I find something that I feel is a hidden jewel, I will tell the whole world if I get the chance. I just found this site (GW)last week while looking for ideas for my kitchen re-do and I am so glad that I did. I've gotten some great feed back on questions that I have had. Thanks to all who participate here! I will be telling my frinds about this website as well. :-)

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I think part of HomePro01's skepticism is due to the fact that a few months ago, IIRC, we were spammed by a couple of people representing MR Direct...they resurrected old faucet & sink questions and posted on them all about how great they were... This happened, again IIRC, on both Kitchens & Bathrooms.

They've since been pulled...probably b/c some of us complained.

That doesn't mean MR Direct is good or bad, but it does explain any skepticism that may be encountered here.

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I can only take your word for it but I have seen you post on several threads and point people directly to MR direct. I hope you stop this practice for now and integrate yourself into the forums and become a valuable member whose post don't revolve around MRDirect.

Good luck!

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stei: just picked up my large single bowl Ticor sink from galaxy supply (S112). I picked it up in person because I live in Chicago, but I think there is a free shipping offer going on? A fantastic deal for a 16 gauge sink! It looks great - will be handing over to granite fabricator tomorrow, so don't know about function yet.

good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: galaxy

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Kristas, You're IP address indicates you are +/- 9 miles from MR Directs location. How are we NOT suppose to be skeptical?

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I am sorry that your thread is being filled with this silliness. For the skeptics, that is how I found MR Direct, they are local here in Toledo and I like to support local businesses. And if you look around, I have been commenting on several other threads in several categories and have gotten some very good suggestions on two threads that I started myself. (RE: painting and tile countertops) I referred someone in the furniture forum to the place that I got my living room set but I am not related to them either.
Seriously people, do you work for GW are do you have nothing better to do than read every post ever written all day long.
Sorry....I don't mean to be rude, I am just offended to be called a liar on a site that I have been very happy with so far.

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what makes undermount kitchen sinks more expansive than the overmount (Top-mount) in galaxy tool supply store and other stores too. is any know why?

Here is a link that might be useful: overmount kitchen sink i want

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I found a better company that has them cheaper than Mr Direct is Egranitesinks they specialize with stainless steel sinks at better prices than Mr Direct. Website is

Here is a link that might be useful: egranitesinks

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I would absolutely be suspicious of "kristas" email. I would never buy anything from Mr. Direct after my experiences with them. They have really poor phone service. And I did end up buying faucets and sinks from two other online companies.

And just so that Mr. Direct employees and family members like spouses try to attack me - I don't work for any company related to anything in design or retail or the internet(my background is computers & medical). And I work on my own house - so good luck with that angle.

They go out of their way to have people's negative comments of their company removed. They have posted "suspicious" comments on other sites as well where they actually attack people who question the quality.

I just can't believe they had my review removed this morning from another site.

Now, I am going to go out of my way to warn people because this is just plain wrong and people should know what they are doing. One test I always do before buying from any new company is to call them and find out how their customer service is. I had a horrible experience with their non-friendly phone staff and that is what I posted as well as who I actually bought from.

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