New Maytag Maxima 7000w set

winnie0119March 6, 2011

I just got my washer and dryer yesterday and I am beyond excited, but I have a question. It comes with a oxi-boost compartment/color safe bleach. Now my laundry soap I am using Tide HE and I bought Biz powder thinking I could use this in my oxi-compartment. It doesn't seem to be rinsing out :( Should I just put this directly in the load?

Is 1/4 of a cup laundry soap too little, too much? I see varying opinions on that. I am using an 1/8c on the Biz. Wow what a learning curve.

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What temperature water were you using when you added the Biz? Sometimes cold water makes it hard for powders to wash out of a dispenser. I do not use additives in my wash, just a good name brand detergent. Ive I want to used a booster, I buy it already in the detergent, like Tide with color safe bleach and so forth. Your detergent amounts will vary depending on load size, soil level, water temperature, and water hardness. Alway check your wash to see how the suds level looks, you should see little or none, tide usually suds more than other HE detergents. More suds do not mean cleaner clothes, especially in A FL. I hope this helps you out. BTW, yes u can put the biz right in the wash drum

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Thanks gates1 :) I think I was using cold water. With large loads I am seeing very little to no suds on 1/4c and same with smaller loads. DH wants me to drop it down to all large loads 1/8c and see. I am putting the Biz right into the load now to see how I like that. We shall see :)

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Are you selecting the oxi boost option on the control panel before you actually start the machine (after you've put Biz in the oxi boost section of the dispenser drawer?)

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You all just wait till your wash doesn't spin out. There is no spin only cycle. You have to go throuogh a 30-40 minute rince cycle to repeat the missed spin. Oh yes, and when you set your wash and the timer says 55 minutes; check your clock. It will take up to an hour and 20 minutes to complete that so called 55 minute wash. Biggest peice of crap washer I ever owned

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Rick, when you select the rinse & spin cycle, look on the display and see if the extra rinse is activated. The Whirlpool version says for you to deselect the extra rinse option and that should give you spin only.

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