Speed queen washer question

pam756March 9, 2014

After reading everything here I've pretty much decided on a SQ TL. My question is about wrinkling of the clothes. I normally line dry my clothes outside. The machine I have now wrinkles the clothes horribly making most line dried items need ironing. How wrinkled are your clothes coming out of the washer?

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First of all I would chose the 542, you have more options that will help. I went from a Bosch plus to the 542. the FL would set wrinkles but the dryer would help a little. If you have a lot of all cotton clothes they will wrinkle, no matter what. What I have found that helps is 1: don't overload and 2: shake them out when they come out of the washer and3: when I hang clothes to air dry I put them in the dryer on no heat for 5 min. or so to fluff up then hang them. This is what works for me.Permanent press come out really well.

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I line dry all year round, and even in the winter months. I have done this for decades. I am not a fan of tumble dryers, unless necessary. In my opinion, the best thing to do is use Wrinkle Free or Permanent Press wash cycles on those loads where wrinkling is a concern. The rest I wash on cottons, so the maximum amount of water is still extracted out of them. I whole heartedly agree with the suggestion of 5-10 mins of no heat tumbling BEFORE hanging out your wash. It sounds strange, but it makes clothes much softer and reduces wrinkling dramatically. I do not even use softeners and I can still manage towels that are not like sandpaper. Fabric softeners will help reduce wrinkling, too, although not necessary.

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Thanks for the great tips. I've never tried the dryer trick but will do so this week. I wasn't sure with SQ to get but I'll go with the 542.

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