Need advice re new washer and dryer

krs9March 14, 2013

I need to replace my Frigidaire washer and dryer - luckily (in a sense) the both gave out at the same time.
The washer has a bearing that is gone and lubricant now leaks into the drum and ends up on the clothes - the dryer suddenly decided to not provide any hot air.
Both units are about 7 years old so not worth fixing, I want something a bit bigger anyway.

Requirements are pretty simple:
Dryer with Air Fluff and steam in white and at least 7.1 cuft
Washer to match and at least 4.1 cuft preferably a bit larger
Price in the $1200 to $1500 range

So with all the research I have done in the last several days, it seems the most reliable and recommended in that price range is Samsung followed by LG.
Trouble is that Samsung doesn't make any dryer that has AirFluff, steam and comes in white.
Most of the Samsung units I have seem come in this awful grey colour.
One model that would have been great I think is the DV339 but that is discontinued and I can't find anyone who still has it in stock - I'm in Canada btw, in Montreal Quebec.
The best I could find in LG is the LG2650 steam washer and dryer set in white at $1698 but the washer is a bit small at 4.1 cuft.
The other option is a Samsung 431 set at the same price, bigger washer at 4.5 cuft, same price but in that awful grey colour.
So then I decided to check another make - Whirlpool, and they have pretty much what I want with either the model WFW88HEAW or the model WFW94 (Dryer 95) at $1873 and $1699 respectively.
Very large washer at 5 cuft

On the Whirlpool I was debating between the higher priced model with touch buttons (and how reliable they are) vs the $1699 model with regular buttons but while researching the pros and cons of the controls I came across quite a few horror stories on the Whirlpool units, so now I'm hesitant to go that route.

Any comments on the reliability of the current Whirlpool Duets , the other options or any other suggestions.


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Hello krs9,

Samsung makes washer model WA484 in white. The matching dryer Dv484
Has air fluff and steam too.

Most people on this forum will tell you to go with a speed queen. These washers are commercial grade old school models that last a long time but only have tubs that max at 3.3 cu. The WA484 is a 4.8cu tub. On sale its under a grand.

I have the Samsung WA456 and DV456 dryer no steam.

Both work pretty good.

My 2 cents. Good luck..

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Thanks for the comment GregRod

It doesn't look as if that WA484 model is available in Canada - it's not on the Samsung Canada web site and all I see on google are US sites.

I went through the Samsung Canada website to pick out all the dryers with air fluff AND steam.
Then looked at the major retailers to see who was selling which models at some reasonable price.
The Samsung 431 set for instance lists at $2698 but the selling price at one retailer is $1698 for that set.
I'm sure not willing to pay full list.

I have been at this, on and off for almost a week - seaching through the net and visiting a number of stores.
It really gets me that most sets, I would say 80% are that grey colour.
The Samsung 431 set is listed as "Stainless Platinum", I wonder if it really is 'stainless steel' or if that is just a marketing blurb.

I wish I hadn't read that many bad comments about the Whirlpool Duets or I would have bought that set already.

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Sorry about that...did not know you were in Canada. Strange that the WA484 is not available in Canada. You are correct...I checked FutureShop. No 484 and all but one is silver.

Also I am not sure about the 431, but my unit has a hood (top of the unit) that is in deed silver/gray metallic paint but the body is stainless steel. The gray units on Futureshop are also available in white in the US.


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